The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Review

The much-awaited Season 3 of “The Legend Of Hanuman” has made its debut on Disney Plus Hotstar, bringing with it a unique twist – 6 episodes, each running for a concise 20-22 minutes. A departure from the previous seasons, which featured 13 episodes each, this season raises questions about its brevity and the creative choices made by the makers.

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Review
Image: The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 – DisneyPlus Hotstar (Youtube)

Quick Recap of the Journey

In 2021, “The Legend Of Hanuman” embarked on its animated journey, followed swiftly by the release of its second season. Now, after a hiatus of almost two and a half years, Season 3 has landed. The real question arises: Was the rush to release a six-episode season a result of external pressures or a deliberate creative choice?

Animation Style Shift

Despite the series’ unique presentation style, characterized by classical frames and narrative storytelling, Season 3 takes a noticeable shift. Makers seem to have opted for a shortcut approach, notably in fight scenes. Rather than fully showcasing these sequences, the narrative quickly transitions to the next scene, leaving much to the viewer’s imagination. Has the essence of the show’s unique presentation style been compromised for speed?

Voice Artistry and Language Dilemma

While the series continues to boast exceptional voice acting, the makers have introduced a perplexing choice in Season 3. Important fight scenes are presented through motion images accompanied by voiceovers, a departure from the previous immersive animation approach. The essence of the show, rooted in its mythological storytelling, may have been compromised in this narrative shortcut.

Season 3’s Unique Story Elements

Image: The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 – DisneyPlus Hotstar (Youtube)

In its third instalment, “The Legend Of Hanuman” introduces fresh narrative elements, deviating from traditional Ramayana adaptations. While these unique aspects bring a plus point to the series, the haste with which they are presented may leave some viewers longing for a more detailed exploration.

A Wait for Season 4

Despite the unconventional approach of Season 3, the series maintains its appeal, especially for younger audiences. However, as a fan, the longing for a more thorough exploration of key plot points remains. As the makers gear up for a potential Season 4, the hope is that it strikes a balance between brevity and in-depth storytelling.


The Legend Of Hanuman” Season 3 offers a quick and entertaining watch, albeit at the cost of the series’ signature storytelling depth. While the unique presentation style remains intact, the season leaves fans eagerly awaiting the next instalment, hoping for a return to the immersive narrative experience that initially captivated audiences. With Season 4 on the horizon, the journey of Hanuman promises to continue, providing both excitement and contemplation for fans of animated mythology.

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