Dunki Indian Box Office Collection Till Now, Detailed Collection Analysis

The movie “Dunki” has taken the Indian box office by storm, creating ripples of success with its intriguing storyline and captivating performances. As the days passed, the film’s journey at the box office unfolded, marking significant milestones and garnering substantial collections that resonated with the audience.

Day-Wise Collection Breakdown

Dunki Box Office Collection 2

Day 1-5

“Dunki” embarked on its cinematic journey with a resounding start, earning approximately ₹29.2 crores on its opening day, setting high expectations for its run. The movie maintained its momentum, earning ₹20.12 crores on its second day, maintaining a strong hold at the box office. By the third day, the movie accumulated ₹25.5 crores, showcasing steady performance and captivating audience attention. As it progressed to the fourth and fifth days, the collections continued to soar, earning ₹31.5 crores and ₹22.5 crores respectively, reflecting the film’s strong appeal among moviegoers.

Day 6-10

Entering its second week, “Dunki” sustained its position at the box office, securing ₹10.25 crores on the sixth day, showcasing enduring audience interest. The movie maintained its trajectory with collections of ₹9.75 crores on the seventh day and ₹9 crores on the eighth day, continuing to engage viewers with its narrative. The ninth day witnessed earnings of ₹7.25 crores, and by the tenth day, the film amassed ₹9 crores, maintaining a commendable streak in the box office race.

Day 11-18

As “Dunki” progressed into its second week, it sustained its momentum, earning ₹12 crores on the eleventh day, demonstrating a consistent pull among cinema enthusiasts. The twelfth day marked a collection of ₹9.25 crores, highlighting the film’s enduring appeal. The thirteenth to the seventeenth day saw consistent earnings ranging from ₹3.85 crores to ₹3.50 crores, showcasing a stable performance.

Total Collection

Dunki Box Office Collection

Summing up the impressive day-wise collections over eighteen days, the cumulative box office collection of “Dunki” stands strong at ₹234.42 crores, a testament to its resonance with the audience and its enduring impact on the cinematic landscape.

DayBox Office Collection (in Crores)
1₹ 29.2
2₹ 20.12
3₹ 25.5
4₹ 31.50
5₹ 22.50
6₹ 10.25
7₹ 9.75
8₹ 9.00
9₹ 7.25
10₹ 9.00
11₹ 12.00
12₹ 9.25
13₹ 3.85
14₹ 3.30
15₹ 2.65
16₹ 2.20
17₹ 3.50
18₹ 3.50

Success Factors

Dunki Box Office Collection 3

“Dunki” owes its success to a combination of factors – from an engaging storyline and stellar performances by the cast to effective marketing strategies that piqued audience curiosity. The film’s ability to maintain audience interest and sustain its momentum throughout its theatrical run played a pivotal role in its box office triumph.


“Dunki” emerges as a significant contender in the Indian film industry, carving a niche for itself through its compelling narrative and commendable box office performance. Its journey stands as a testament to the power of storytelling and audience connection, showcasing the film’s ability to resonate with viewers and secure a prominent position among the notable releases of its time.

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