Salaar Indian Box Office Collection All Days

The movie “Salaar” has set ablaze the Indian box office, enthralling audiences with its compelling narrative and engaging performances. With each passing day, the film’s journey at the box office has been nothing short of remarkable, achieving significant milestones and amassing substantial collections that resonate with the viewers.

Day-Wise Collection Breakdown

Salaar Box Office Collection 3
Salaar Box Office Collection 3

Day 1-5

“Salaar” stormed into the cinematic landscape with a staggering opening, raking in an impressive ₹90.7 crores on its debut day. The movie sustained its momentum on the second day, amassing ₹55.00 crores, maintaining a formidable grip on the box office. By the third day, the film surged ahead, collecting ₹64.07 crores, continuing to captivate audiences with its storyline. Days four and five witnessed consistent earnings of ₹42.50 crores and ₹23.50 crores respectively, solidifying its strong presence in theaters.

Day 6-10

Entering its second week, “Salaar” continued its triumphant march, garnering ₹17.00 crores on the sixth day, showcasing unwavering audience interest. The seventh and eighth days brought in collections of ₹13.50 crores and ₹10.00 crores respectively, affirming the film’s compelling appeal. As it progressed to the ninth and tenth days, the movie maintained its stride, earning ₹12.55 crores and ₹14.50 crores, retaining its position as a box office frontrunner.

Day 11-17

Moving forward into the second week, “Salaar” sustained its allure, accumulating ₹15.50 crores on the eleventh day, maintaining a steady trajectory. Subsequent days, from the twelfth to the seventeenth, saw consistent earnings ranging from ₹7.50 crores to ₹5.25 crores, depicting its stable performance in theaters.

Total Collection

Salaar Box Office Collection 2

Summing up the cumulative day-wise collections over seventeen days, “Salaar” has amassed a commendable total box office collection of ₹362.92 crores, establishing itself as a powerhouse performer in the realm of Indian cinema.

DayBox Office Collection (in Crores)
1₹ 90.7
2₹ 55.00
3₹ 64.07
4₹ 42.50
5₹ 23.50
6₹ 17.00
7₹ 13.50
8₹ 10.00
9₹ 12.55
10₹ 14.50
11₹ 15.50
12₹ 9.25
13₹ 3.85
14₹ 3.30
15₹ 2.65
16₹ 2.20
17₹ 3.50

The success of “Salaar” can be attributed to a combination of factors, including its gripping storyline, stellar performances by the cast, and an effective marketing strategy that generated significant buzz among the audience. The film’s ability to maintain audience engagement and sustain its momentum throughout its theatrical run has played a pivotal role in its phenomenal success.

Salaar Box Office Collection

“Salaar” emerges as a cinematic triumph, leaving an indelible mark on the Indian film industry with its enthralling narrative and remarkable box office performance. Its journey stands as a testament to the compelling storytelling and audience resonance, solidifying its position among the notable and successful releases of its time.

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