A Comparative Analysis: Berlin Series vs. Money Heist

The Berlin series, a recent addition to Netflix’s Money Heist universe, has garnered attention since its release. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive comparison between the two shows, evaluating their performances and impact on the audience.


Berlin Series vs. Money Heist
Berlin Series vs. Money Heist

Money Heist: The pillar of Money Heist lies in its meticulously crafted heist narrative. The show’s creators presented a gripping heist story that captivated audiences with its intricacies and depth.

Berlin Series: While the Berlin Series showcased decent heist elements, its focus on love interests drew mixed responses from viewers. The show’s departure from the intense heist drama disappointed some fans who anticipated a narrative akin to Money Heist.

Character Depth

Money Heist: From Berlin to Tokyo, Nairobi to other characters, the first season of Money Heist effortlessly built a strong connection with its audience. The introduction and development of characters felt compelling and engaging right from the start.

Berlin Series: Despite strong character introductions, the Berlin series failed to establish the same deep connection as Money Heist. The central character, Berlin, held significant importance, but other characters lacked the charisma to engage the audience effectively.


Money Heist: The show’s screenplay maintained a high level of unpredictability and suspense, keeping viewers engaged. Audiences were drawn to the unpredictability of the heist drama, where anticipation and unexpected turns created a thrilling experience.

Berlin Series: In contrast, the Berlin series lacked the same impact in its screenplay. Predictability seemed to shadow the narrative, diminishing the element of surprise crucial for captivating the audience.

Production Value

Money Heist: With a higher budget and more experience, Money Heist boasted exceptional production quality. This aspect significantly contributed to the show’s success, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Berlin Series: Despite being a newer series, the Berlin Series faced constraints in terms of production value compared to Money Heist. While it had potential, limitations in budget affected its visual and cinematic appeal.


In conclusion, Money Heist excelled in various aspects such as storytelling, character development, screenplay, and production quality. The audience’s strong connection with its characters and the unpredictability in the plot worked in its favor. On the other hand, the Berlin series struggled to replicate the same level of engagement and impact.

Final Thoughts

It’ll be intriguing to see if the Berlin series addresses these issues in future seasons. As of now, the ratings show a disparity, with Money Heist’s 8.2 overshadowing the Berlin Series’ 7.1. The critical differences between the two series highlight the challenges faced by the Berlin Series in reaching the pinnacle set by its predecessor.

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