Free Fire Update: New Characters, Events, and Exciting Features Unveiled!

Today, a massive update has been released in Free Fire. You can update it from the Play Store, and after that, numerous new events and changes to many characters have been introduced. We will provide you with complete information about all of them.

Free Character

A new character named Ryden has been launched in Free Fire, and it’s absolutely free. You just need to play the game 40 times, and the character will be yours. Ryden is an active character with a skill called Spider Trap. When activated, a spider appears, blasting enemies within a 5m range, reducing their movement speed by 80%, and dealing 10 damage for 4 seconds. The cooldown time for this character is 75 seconds.

Login Free Character

Upon logging into Free Fire, you can claim 11 characters absolutely free for a duration of 7 days.

Weapon Royale

A new gun skin called Beast Of Legend has been added to Free Fire, with attributes like increased range, faster reload speed, and slightly reduced movement speed.

Happy Republic Day

Currently, Free Fire is offering some rewards for the Republic Day event, including a free T-shirt named Soldier Boy. To acquire it, you need to revive your friend 10 times.

Chaos Event

Free Fire is launching the Chaos Event tomorrow, where many rewards will be given for free. The grand prize includes the Inner Evil Bundle, a female bundle.


After the update, Sonia’s character now only has a 2-second nano life. Additionally, a change has been made so that even if you down an opponent, you won’t revive if downed again.


Previously, Tatsuya’s character could be used three times, but now it’s limited to two uses after the update. However, Tatsuya’s ability during jumps was not very effective initially, but now, using the ability after a jump allows you to glide.

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