Set Edit Command for Free Fire Mobile And PC (Headshot and Accuracy)

A set edit command is a code that helps Free Fire players change settings such as sensitivity, aim, and movement in the game. With the set edit command, players can enjoy the game more comfortably. They can even play the game smoothly on devices with low RAM.

Many players use the set edit command to take their gaming to the next level. In today’s post, we’ll provide some of the best set edit commands for Free Fire that can enhance your gameplay and improve your gaming experience.

What is a Set Edit Command?

Set Edit Command for Free Fire (Headshot and accuracy)

A set edit command is a type of command that assists in altering the settings of any app or software. Set edit commands cannot be directly used; you need to download the app or software that supports these commands on your device before utilizing them. The effectiveness of set edit commands may vary depending on the individual preferences and the capabilities of your computer or mobile device.

Best Set Edit Commands for Free Fire mobile and PC

There are various set edit commands available for Free Fire, but we are here to provide set edit commands for sensitivity and accurate headshots.

Set Edit Command For Responsiveness

Set Edit CommandValue

With this command, your screen’s responsiveness will significantly improve, making the game smoother.

Set Edit Command For Drag Headshots

Set Edit CommandValue

The commands provided above can change the values of X and Y, which means you can adjust the game’s sensitivity. The X value is set at 499, while the Y value is set at 999, making it easier to land drag headshots.

Set Edit Command For CPU

Set Edit CommandValue

This set edit command is used to make your mobile or your computer’s CPU more powerful, and for this command, you need to set the value to 1.

Set Edit Command For Accurate Headshots

Set Edit CommandValue

To achieve accurate headshots, you should use the command given above, in which the command’s value is set to ‘performance.’ Setting this command will greatly increase your headshot accuracy.

Set Edit Command For Sensitivity

Set Edit CommandValue

With the set edit command provided above, your game’s sensitivity will greatly improve, and you should set the value of this set edit command to OEM.

Set Edit Command For High FPS

Set Edit CommandValue

This command will fix any FPS-related problems, and you will experience higher FPS in your game, resulting in smoother gameplay.

Set Edit Command For Preload

Set Edit CommandValue

This command preloads all the data for your game, ensuring that there is no lag or glitch in your game, and it will run properly.

Set Edit Command For Cluster

Set Edit CommandValue

Set Edit Command For Aim

Set Edit CommandValue

this command will implement tweaks in your phone’s recording, improving your aim.

Set Edit Command For Android User

In addition to the set edit commands provided above, we have also included two additional sets of commands that are specifically for special Android users. All the commands listed above work for both PCs and any mobile device, but the ones provided below are exclusively for Android users.

Set Edit Commands set 1

Set Edit CommandValue

Set Edit Commands set 2

Set Edit CommandValue
touch stocks0EM

After inserting these set edit commands into the set edit app or software, make sure to restart your device once for them to work.

Free Fire Set Edit Command After OB42 Update


These are the best set edit commands for Free Fire that can significantly improve your gameplay. It’s important to note that using set edit commands won’t have a significant impact on your gameplay, but it can make your game run smoothly on your device.

Should You Use Set Edit Commands?

It’s advisable not to use edit commands in Free Fire, as they are a form of cheating that grants permission to break the game’s rules. Using third-party set edit command apps for Free Fire may lead to cheating, and it goes against the game’s regulations. If you cheat in Free Fire using third-party set edit command apps, your Free Fire ID may even get banned. Therefore, we do not recommend any player to use set edit commands.

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