Thiva Character Backstory, Ability, and In-game Information

We’ve already shared details about various Free Fire character launch dates, backstories, and abilities. Today, we’re here to unveil information about Thiva’s character ability, story, and launch date. If you’re curious about this character, read on till the end of this post.

About Thiva Character

Free Fire Thiva Character Story, ability and more

Free Fire developers offered the Thiva character entirely for free during Free Fire’s 4th-anniversary celebration.

Initially, upon its launch, the character’s abilities weren’t as impressive. However, after an update, Thiva’s abilities have significantly improved. Currently, this character is widely used in CS ranks and can be used alongside the Dmitri character.

Thiva Launch Date

Developers introduced the Thiva character in Free Fire on August 28, 2021. After learning about Thiva’s launch date, let’s dive into some details about the character.

Thiva Backstory

Thiva was born on December 2. He is Dimitri’s younger brother. Music has been Thiva’s passion since childhood. He aims to help the world and enhance everyone’s lives by playing music to convey messages. Thiva is currently a 25-year-old young man.

Thiva Character Ability

thiva character ability

When a player uses Thiva’s “Vital Vibes” ability and revives a friend, they can revive 70% faster, and their friend will recover 60 HP in 3 seconds.

Thiva Character’s Attire

Thiva doesn’t wear much on the upper body, sporting tattoos, and dons black-colored pants.

Thiva In-game Information

Free Fire Thiva Character
BirthdayDecember 2
Ability NameVital Vibes
Ability TypePassive
RelationDimitri’s Younger Brother
Currently ObtainableYes
Obtained FromIn-Game Store

Thiva Character Gallery

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