In 2024 also, Bollywood and South films will be released on the same day, there will be a face to face once again

In 2024, there will once again be a clash between Bollywood and South Indian films as they release on the same day. This clash, which was witnessed in December 2023 when several movies from both industries were released within a gap of just one or two days, led to significant competition between Bollywood and South Indian cinema, creating a captivating showdown.

In 2023, Bollywood’s major film ‘Dunki‘ and South Indian’s big film ‘Salaar‘ were both released with just a one-day gap. Both movies performed exceptionally well in terms of global earnings and within India, sparking intense debates among their respective fan bases regarding their box office collections. Both these films turned out to be huge hits.

'Singham' vs 'Pushpa'
‘Singham’ vs ‘Pushpa’

Just as 2023 was a fantastic year for the film industry, 2024 is expected to follow suit as it promises the release of several big films from both Bollywood and South Indian (Tollywood) cinema. Today, we’ll discuss such films from both Bollywood and South Indian cinema that are set to be released in theaters either simultaneously or within a day or two.

‘Pushpa 2’ and ‘Singham Again’

Without a doubt, ‘Pushpa 2‘ is this year’s most anticipated and special film, poised to break all box office records. However, the good news for fans of ‘Pushpa 2’ might actually be the worst news for Bollywood, as its release date of August 15 clashes with the release of Bollywood’s most expensive film, ‘Singham Again‘ in 2024.

Rohit Shetty’s Cop Universe, which was hinted at in the film ‘Sooryavanshi,’ will continue its next chapter with ‘Singham Again.’ Surprisingly, despite almost two months left before the release dates of both movies, just like the clash between ‘Dunki’ and ‘Salaar,’ the planning and plotting for ‘Singham’ vs ‘Pushpa’ have already commenced.

Rumors of a change in ‘Pushpa 2’s’ release date

Suddenly, a piece of news spread on social media like wildfire suggesting that ‘Singham Again’ will now have a solo release, indirectly implying that the makers of ‘Pushpa 2’ might want to avoid the clash with ‘Singham Again’ after witnessing the clash between ‘Salaar’ and ‘Dunki.’

However, just as this news gained traction, a counter-movement started on social media, stating clearly that ‘Pushpa 2’ will not deviate from its original release date. Meanwhile, amidst this rumor, the film’s makers remained uninvolved, and everything continued behind the scenes.

Pushpa 2 Teaser

Another rumor making rounds in the market is that just a week after, on January 14, a special look of Allu Arjun from ‘Pushpa 2’ might be revealed. Remember the special announcement teaser that introduced ‘Pushpa 2’? It was followed by a uniquely designed poster release. A similar special teaser might also arrive on January 14.

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