Top 10 Indian Low-Budget Movies Which Were Very Famous and Blockbuster Successful

In the world of movies, where big budgets and star power usually steal the spotlight, some hidden gems shine brightly despite limited resources. These low-budget films not only gained popularity but also achieved remarkable success. Let’s explore 10 such films that prove you don’t need a hefty budget to make a lasting impact in the world of cinema.

Hanu Man

hanu man

“Hanu Man” is a recent release, a superhero film made on a budget of only 20 crores. The director, Prashant Verma, created a world that skillfully blends Indian mythology with modern storytelling sensibilities. Specifically, the movie’s imaginative action set pieces are always captivating.

12th Fail

12th Fail

“12th Fail” is a filmmaking masterpiece that authentically depicts the world of its characters. Vinod Chopra made this film within a budget of just 20 crores, and it has already collected more than 70 crores. It has emerged as the most profitable movie of the year, drawing people to theaters.



“Andhadhun” is an amazing thriller revolving around a blind pianist caught in a murder conspiracy. With unexpected twists and turns, no one anticipated that this thriller made within 30 crores would surpass 400 crores at the box office.



“Haraamkhor” is an extraordinary film revolving around the relationship between a teenager and his teacher. Made on a shoestring budget, it was shot within 16 days and, upon release, received considerable appreciation, collecting over 2 crores at the box office.



“2018” is a survival thriller set around the floods in Kerala. Despite being a high-budget survival movie, the makers of “2018” achieved commendable success with just a budget of 26 crores. The film’s detailed screenplay impressed audiences by showing multiple characters’ stories simultaneously.


No one expected that a regional film made on a budget of 16 crores, like “Kantara,” would become a national sensation. The film, with its limited budget, created a world that hadn’t been seen in Indian cinema before. Its success, surpassing 400 crores at the box office, indicates that the audience was impressed, and anticipation for its sequel is high.

Sarpatta Parampara

“Sarpatta Parampara” is one of the best sports films released in recent times. While big-budget sports films are common, this movie was made with just 15 crores. Despite its low budget, its world-building is so impressive that you wouldn’t guess its budget. The director achieved what many filmmakers can’t with 100 crores.

Taare Zameen Par

“Taare Zameen Par” is a film that you will never find boring. The way this film presented an important issue in an entertaining way was commendable. Discussing its budget, it was only 12 crores, and it went on to earn a whopping 98 crores at the box office. It was one of the most profitable movies of the year, impressing everyone with its storytelling.


“Tumbbad” was a film that India had never seen before. It took more than 15 years to make, and the hard work put into the film was visible. The support from true cinephiles helped it collect more than its making cost, making it a big achievement for a film made on a budget of just 5 crores.

Minnal Murali

“How producers create expensive budgets to achieve their vision” – at the same time, the arrival and success of a low-budget superhero film like “Minnal Murali” prove that you can create world-class cinema on a small budget. With a making cost of only 18 crores, its visuals are so impressive that it outshines films with budgets exceeding 200 crores. Its success lies in connecting with the audience through its world.

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