Best Passive Skill Combination With K Character

Currently, many players are using the K Character in Free Fire, and in the BR rank, a lot of players are using this character. We’re here to tell you about which passive character abilities should be used along with this character. If you are also using the K Character, then read this post till the end.

Firstly, let’s talk about the ability of the K Character.

K Character Ability

This character’s ability is named ‘Master of All.’ If a player uses the Master of All ability, they will gain 3 EP in 2 seconds and can keep an extra 50 EP. If they activate another ability, they convert 5 EP into 5 HP per second.

Best Passive Skill Combination With K Character

Now, let us tell you about using the abilities of three passive characters along with this character.


If a player uses the Hat Trick ability and eliminates an enemy, their HP will increase by up to 25. If they eliminate two enemies, your HP will become 25+25 = 50 HP, reaching a total of 250 HP, which is highly important in BR rank.


If a player uses the Crazy Slayer ability and gets a kill, they will receive 200 EP. You can convert this EP into HP using the K character’s ability.


If a player uses the Iron Will ability and takes damage, they will recover 30 HP. After that, it takes 20 seconds to fully recover. But if you want to use it repeatedly, you’ll need to switch the K character’s ability. This way, you can use it repeatedly.

If you use this combination in the BR rank, you can survive outside the zone and win matches.

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