Free Fire’s Upcoming Thala Event, Calendar, and Rewards

A new Thala event is going to be launched in Free Fire, in which you will receive various free rewards. All the information about when this event will launch and what rewards you will get can be found in this post.

Free Fire Thala Event

Along with the launch of Free Fire India, a Thala event will be launched on November 5, 2023, in the game. This entire event will be based on the character of MS Dhoni. In this event, all the rewards will be given to all players absolutely free. You can see the Thala event calendar below.

free fire thala event calendar

Free Fire India will launch on November 5, 2023, and along with this launch, the Thala event will also be available to see. You can see in the calendar that between November 5th and November 25th, you can obtain Thala character, a bike skin, two custom rooms, a gun skin, a bundle, a pen skin, a Gold Royal Voucher, and Gold Coins.

Additionally, between November 5th and November 11th, you can get a helmet and Gold Royal Voucher based on the Thala event. Between November 12th and November 18th, you can receive a backpack scheme and Gold Coins. Between November 19th and November 25th, you can get a skateboard and loot box skins.

free fire thala event rewards

You can see the list of normal rewards and grand rewards that will be available in the Thala event below. Some of these rewards will be given for free, while others may be launched through top-up events or premium events.

Normal Rewards

  • Thala Cricket Ball Token
  • Thala Bat Token
  • Thala Mystery Gift
  • Super Cricketer Avatar
  • Super Cricketer Banner
  • Thala Bobblehead 

Grand Rewards

  • Thala Character
  • Helicopter Shot Emote
  • Free Hit Pan Skin
  • Gloo Wall Skin: Wall Of Calm
  • Grenade Skin: Toe Crusher 
  • Back Pack skin: Captain’s Kit
  • Loot Box: The Ashes
  • Helmet Skin 1: Cool Head Helmet
  • Bat Skin: Mahi’s Willow
  • Motorbike Skin: Motorbike skipper’s Chopper
  • Skateboard skin: Glide To Glory 

It’s worth noting that the developer has not officially announced the Thala Event yet, but according to some leaks, it is being said that the Thala Event will start from November 5th.

A Free Fire patch update is also set to be released on November 1st, so there is a possibility that the Thala event will launch in the first week of November.

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