Exciting Upcoming Free Fire Events & Rewards Revealed

The developers of Free Fire are gearing up to launch numerous new events. Soon, the Winter Land event is set to be unveiled. In this Winter Land event, they will introduce an Evo Bundle. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the offerings, so read on till the end.

Special Luck Royale

The Free Fire developers will launch a Special Luck Royale in the Winter Land event. This Luck Royale allows spins using Gold Coins, offering rewards themed around Winter Land. The rewards include:

  • The Santa Militia Bundle
  • The Santa Guerrilla Bundle
  • Gloowall – Blizzard Brawl
  • Ice Scythe
  • Pan – Winterland 2020
  • Ice Jacket
  • Grenade – Yeti Buddy

All these rewards will be available entirely for free, obtained using Gold Coins.

Pet Gold Coin

Currently, in Free Fire, you can purchase characters using Gold Coins in the store, but pets cannot be bought with Gold Coins. However, after this update, you will be able to buy pets using Gold Coins.

Frostfire Ring

The Free Fire developers are set to launch a Ring event shortly, introducing a bundle themed around Dinosaurs:

  • Almost Dino Bundle
  • Pan – Lazy Dino
  • Trogon – Pyro Dino
  • Range ++
  • Reload speed +
  • Movement Speed –

These rewards will be part of this Ring event.

Token Tower Event

In the Winter Land event of Free Fire, an Evo Bundle will be launched in the Token Tower Event. To obtain this bundle, you will need to collect a total of 3 tokens.

  • Frostfire Polar Bundle
  • Frostfire Punch Fist skin
  • Frostfire Banner

Apart from this Token Tower, they will also reintroduce the Evo Vault Ring event, where they will modify Evo Guns. In this event, a total of 4 guns will be altered:

  • M1014 – Scorpio Shatter
    • Rate of Fire ++
    • Armor penetration +
    • Movement Speed –
  • SCAR – Megalodon Alpha
    • Damage +
    • Rate of Fire ++
    • Reload Speed –
  • AN94 – Evil Howler
    • Rate of Fire ++
    • Damage +
    • Accuracy –
  • MP5 – Platinum Divinity
    • Rate of Fire +
    • Damage ++
    • Reload Speed –

We hope you’ve found this information on upcoming events enjoyable. If you wish to stay updated about such upcoming events, you can enable notifications on our website.

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