Top 6 AWM Gun Skins in Free Fire

In Free Fire, the AWM is a long-range gun that only a few players use due to the high skill requirement to handle it properly.

This gun deals significantly more damage than other long-range guns. If the opponent isn’t wearing armour, a single shot from this gun can eliminate them, dealing 300 damage. Equipping gun skins amplifies its lethality. Let’s dive into the top 6 gun skins:

AWM – Metal Wings

This gun skin was launched in the Lucky Royale and is ranked first due to its extremely dangerous attributes. It’s rare and highly desired among players, making it a prized possession. Its attributes include:

  • Damage ++
  • Armor Penetration +
  • Movement Speed –

AWM – Frostfire Snip

Similar to the previous skin, it offers increased Armor Penetration compared to the Metal Wings skin but slightly reduces damage. It’s ranked second for its attributes:

  • Damage +
  • Armor penetration ++
  • Movement speed –

AWM – Iron Etherltorn

Ranked in the top 3, this skin provides almost the same Armor Penetration as the prior skins but with damage similar to the standard gun. However, it enhances reload speed. Its attributes are:

  • Armor Penetration ++
  • Reload speed +
  • Range –

AWM – Cheetah Swift

AWM - Cheetah Swift

When fewer gun skins were available, this used to be the number one choice among AWM users. Its attributes are:

  • Damage ++
  • Magazine –

AWM – Duke Swallowtail

This gun skin was launched in Weapon Royale and once offered for free during an event. The AWM doesn’t have a high rate of fire, hence its placement in the top 5. Its attributes include:

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Magazine +
  • Reload Speed –

AWM – Titanium Warhorn

Lastly, this skin offers excellent damage and reload speed. If you prefer using the AWM in single-shot mode, this skin is highly effective. Its attributes are:

  • Damage +
  • Reload Speed ++
  • Accuracy –

We hope you find this list of the top 6 AWM gun skins enjoyable. For more information on similar gun skins, consider subscribing to our website’s notifications.

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