Exploring Free Fire Max’s Lab: Bundles, Options, and Details

There is a lab inside Free Fire Max that includes numerous bundles and items. We’re going to tell you everything about the lab, so please read the post till the end.

free fire lab

Inside the Free Fire lab, there are a total of four options, which are as follows:

  1. Legendary Outfit
  2. Hyper Book
  3. Trend+
  4. Tailor

Legendary Outfit

Legendary outfit

Within the Legendary Outfit, there is an Evo bundle. There are a total of 6 bundles, each containing emotes and animations. The names of these bundles are:

  1. The Cobra Bundle
  2. Booyah Day Bundle
  3. Rampage United Bundle
  4. FFWS Galaxy Bundle
  5. The Scorpio Bundle
  6. Legendary Frostfire Bundle

These 6 bundles are included in the Legendary Outfit.

Hyper Book


In the Hyper Book section, a total of 6 Hyper Books are included, with names such as:

  • Rampage Book
  • Rampage Hyper Book
  • Galaxy Hyper Book
  • Runestone Hyper Book
  • Ink Hyper Book
  • Frostfire Hyper Book

These 6 Hyper Books are included in this section.



Now, let us tell you about Trend+. It includes trading bundles and upcoming bundles. It also contains 6 sections:

  • Glee Spree
  • Monson Orakii
  • Potential
  • Selected
  • Densho
  • Angelic

Many bundles are included in Trend+.


Now, let’s talk about the Tailor section, which includes the Booyah Pass bundles. A total of 12 bundles are included:

  • Fumea on Fire Bundle
  • Fatal Fauna Bundle
  • Wave Watchers Bundle
  • Neon Drifterz Bundle
  • Comic Chaos Bundle
  • Trap city Bundle
  • Synthetic Strike Bundle
  • Jelly Assault Bundle
  • Fishing Frenzy Bundle
  • Rise of the Puppets Bundle
  • The Biotroopers Bundle
  • Galactic Odyssey Bundle

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