Free Fire Max – Upcoming Event And More

Today, we bring you information about upcoming events in Free Fire and changes coming in OB43. If you want to know more about the upcoming events and changes, you can read this post until the end.

Firstly, let us tell you about the event coming tomorrow in Free Fire. Tomorrow, there will be a Damage event where you can get the Wicked Coconut backpack skin absolutely free, along with 5 Luck Royale Vouchers.

Free Fire upcoming Event
Free Fire upcoming Event

Faded Wheel Event

Free Fire developers are soon launching a new event featuring two rewards, each with specific changes. The records set to launch in separate Faded Wheel events are:

  1. MP40 – Tunes Of Roses
  • Damage ++
  • Rate of Fire +
  • Movement Speed –

2.Sononovs Steps Emote

The launch dates for these records in the Faded Wheel events are yet to be revealed.

April Fool Event

In April, Free Fire developers will launch the April Fool event. Two rewards will be launched during this event, featuring a bundle and a Gloowall skin:

  1. Emperor’s New Clothes Bundle
  2. Gloowall – Emperor’s Curtain

OB43 Update Changes

Many updates are coming to Free Fire in the OB43 update, including several changes. Here are some of the changes we want to highlight:

  • The Sonia character, initially a formidable character, has undergone adjustments in her ability after the update. Despite the changes, many players still use Sonia, so developers are making further adjustments to her ability. Previously, Sonia provided 50 HP for 3 seconds, but after the update, it will be reduced to 2 seconds.
  • Orion character is also undergoing changes. Whenever you use Orion’s ability, your movement speed will decrease by 20%.
  • After the update, if we purchase a gun in CS rank mode, we can now resell it.

We hope you find the information about upcoming events interesting. If you want to stay updated on such information, you can enable notifications on our website.

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