Free Fire: Backstory, History, and Launch Date

In the realm of battle royale games, three titles stand out: PUBG Mobile holds the top spot, followed by Call of Duty, and then Free Fire. Behind each game lies mystery and a unique backstory. You might have heard of these games and might even play one yourself. But do you really know much about the game you play? Today, let’s delve into the complete information about Free Fire its backstory, history, and launch date. If you’re a Free Fire player curious to learn more, keep reading till the end.

Free Fire Launch Date

Many may not know whether PUBG or Free Fire was launched first. PUBG’s initial release was the PC version on March 23, 2017, causing a frenzy among PC gamers.

The Idea Behind Free Fire

Free Fire Backstory, History, and Launch Date

Seeing the craze for PUBG, Garena’s founder, Forrest Li, had an idea: to create a mobile game that could provide an excellent battle royale experience. Garena assigned the task of creating this game to two companies—111 Dots Studio in Vietnam and Omens Studios in the Netherlands. Remarkably, these two companies developed the game in just seven months.

Beta Version and Final Launch Date

Before discussing the beta version launch date, let’s clarify what a beta version means. A beta version is released before the official launch, allowing selected players to test the game and provide feedback. Changes are made based on their suggestions before the final launch.

Free Fire’s beta version was launched on November 20, 2017. The game was officially launched on December 4, 2017, just two months before PUBG’s mobile release in February 2018.

Free Fire Backstory

Every battle royale game has its backstory. Let’s explore Free Fire’s backstory a mysterious organization conducting research. They transported people to an island, wiped their memories, and initiated survival tests, adding new features to their bodies.

This organization selected 50 people and left them on Bermuda Island, with a scientist overseeing them closely. Their task? To survive the challenges on the island and determine who could endure till the end a test of survival.

This is the foundation on which Free Fire was launched. Now you know which game was launched first and what Free Fire’s backstory is all about.

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