Free Fire January Booyah Pass (Electri City) 2024

Today, a new Booyah pass has been launched in Free Fire named Electri City. The rewards included in this Booyah pass are exceptionally good. Additionally, alongside this pass, a Ring Event has also been introduced. Let’s dive into the detailed information about both.

At Level 1 of this Booyah pass, there’s a Pet Box containing all pets, allowing players to choose one pet of their preference.

At Level 10, the Electri City Booyah Pass features the Electro Spark Bundle, a female bundle set.

Moving forward to Level 20, there’s an exclusive banner named Electri City Banner.

Reaching Level 30, players can acquire the Electric Spitter loot box.

free fire Electri City January booyah pass

Level 40 unlocks the Electro Bumper, a skin for the in-game jeep.

At Level 50, the Grand Prize Bundle named Electro Whisper Bundle is available, along with a pair of free Electro Shorts.

Upon reaching Level 60, an avatar named Electri City becomes accessible.

Level 70 introduces the Electro Surge grenade.

Level 80 grants access to the Electri Skyboard, a special skateboard skin.

At Level 90, the M500 – Electro Enforcer gun skin is unlocked, featuring increased accuracy but reduced magazine capacity.

Reaching the pinnacle at Level 100, players receive the Kingfisher – Electro Enigma gun skin, enhancing range and movement speed while decreasing magazine capacity.

Further ahead, at Level 130, there’s the Electro Moonblade skin for the Scythe.

Level 140 offers the Electro Owner backpack skin.

Lastly, at Level 150, players can unlock the Excellent Service emote.

Alongside the Booyah pass, a Ring Event called Electri City has been launched. This event features the Booyah Pass as the grand reward. Players can earn tokens and Booyah Passes by spinning the event’s wheel, receiving 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 tokens per spin.

To spin the wheel once, it requires 9 diamonds, while for 10+1 spins, it costs 90 diamonds.

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