Skyler Character Story, Ability and More

Meet Skyler, the dynamic character in Free Fire that sparked a frenzy upon release due to his powerful abilities. In this series, we delve into the world of Free Fire characters, shedding light on their traits and stories. Today, let’s uncover the essence of Skyler – an active character whose abilities once dominated the game. Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration!

About Skyler Character

skyler character

When the developers of Free Fire launched this character, there was a lot of craze as its ability was very dangerous. Every player was using this character.

Most players used this character in custom rooms. This character had two abilities: one for recovering HP and the other for breaking Gloo Walls. It was being heavily used.

Initially, this character’s ability was excellent, but after some updates, the ability was changed. Now, if a player uses this character’s ability, their HP won’t recover; it can only break Gloo Walls.

The Free Fire developers launched the Skyler character in the Top Up event in July 2021 for 200 diamonds during the OB26 update.

Skyler Backstory

Skyler was born on July 5th. He had an interest in music since childhood and is currently a pop singer who also dances with pop singers. Skyler is a handsome man.

He is the CEO of Vietnam’s biggest entertainment company and is fulfilling his dreams. He never loses and hates losing. He captivates everyone with his singing.

Skyler Character Ability

skyler ability

If a player wants to use the Riptide Rhythm ability, they need to activate it because it’s an active ability.

As soon as they activate this ability, a Sonic Wave will go up to 100 meters, and if there are any Gloo Walls in between, they’ll be blasted. Within a 4-meter radius, all Gloo Walls will be destroyed for 6 seconds.

Skyler In-Game Information

BirthdayJuly 5th
Ability NameRiptide Rhythm
Ability TypeActive
OccupationEntertainment CEO
Currently ObtainableYes
Obtained FromIn-Game Store
Price499 💎 / 10,000🟡


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