Top 12 Free Fire Myths 2024

We are going to tell you some very funny and secret tips about Free Fire today, which you can use to surprise your friends.

Have you ever taken the Level 4 vest in CS Rank absolutely free? Do you want to send your friends underground? We are going to tell you some fun tips like that. If you also want to know, read this post.

free fire myths

Free Fire Myths

  1. In the Epic Battle of CS Rank, choosing the Warding Lord in Level 4 will get you Level 4 vests absolutely free.
  2. You can use the Pocket Market inside the car.
  3. Wearing the Frost Fire Bundle and using the Med Kit will trigger a different animation.
  4. If you don’t have a bag, the Glue Attachment is useless.
  5. Using the Twin Emote of the Frost Fire Bundle inside the plane when no one is around will create a magical effect below the plane.
  6. Jumping straight on tires won’t make you bounce.
  7. In the current Free Fire Super Air Drop, you won’t get the Harizaline.
  8. The BR Shield Gun doesn’t appear in the Glory Leaderboard.
  9. Go to the clock tower, then go down to the tunnel above there is a C4 layer attached you’ll get stuck.
  10. On Social Island, if you collide with Lamborghini and sports cars head-on, magic will happen.
  11. Hold a gun in the lobby, turn off the net, turn off CS Epic Battle, then come back; the gun will disappear.
  12. If you free fall from any height while in a prone position, you won’t take any damage.

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