Otho Character – Backstory, Ability, Launch date and in-game Information

Developers of Free Fire have launched numerous characters, totalling 57 so far. If you’re interested in knowing the story and real name of the character Otho, continue reading till the end of this post.

About Otho Character

Free Fire Otho character

When the Otho character was launched in Free Fire, only a few players picked this character. Initially, the abilities of this character weren’t very effective upon its release, and even now, the character’s abilities aren’t considered extremely powerful. However, for players who understand gameplay mechanics, Otho’s abilities can be quite useful.

Otho is a character created for Free Fire, and his real name is also Otho.

Otho Launch Date

The developers introduced the Otho character in Free Fire on November 12, 2021. After learning about the launch date of the Otho character, let’s delve into Otho’s backstory.

Otho’s Backstory

Otho possesses an imaginative yet highly practical mind. He fears forgetting memories from his past and is searching for ways not to forget. He developed a device that allows him to perceive the intentions of others. When he has nothing to do, he spends time outside with friends or with his pet dog.

Otho Character’s Ability

free fire otho character ability

When a player uses Otho’s ability, if they down any player, the locations of other players within 20 meters are revealed, and their movement speed decreases by 25% for 4 seconds.

Otho Character’s Attire

Otho wears attire resembling nightwear. He wears a black T-shirt and night pants.

Otho in-game Details

Free Fire Otho character
BirthdayNovember 1
Ability NameMemory Mistfree fire otho character ability
Ability TypePassive
OccupationUniversity Student
Obtained FromIn Game Store
Price499 💎/10,000🟡

Otho Gallery

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