Free Fire Max New Moco Store Event: Rewards, Costs, and Strategies

The developers of Free Fire Max have launched a new Moco Store event. This Moco Store introduces emotes, bundles, and gun skins. Providing complete information about this Moco Store event, the post reveals the diamond costs and prizes involved.

In this Moco Store event, there are 6 Grand prizes and 6 Bonus prizes available. Participants can select one prize from each category by spinning for them. The list of Grand prizes includes:

moco store prizes
  1. Stir-Fry Frostfire Emote
  2. The Influencer Emote
  3. Steel Fortress Bundle
  4. Iron Fortress Bundle
  5. Famas – Warrior’s Spirit (Rate of Fire ++, Reload Speed +, Accuracy -)
  6. Kar98k – Rebel Academy (Magazine +, Rate of Fire +, Reload Speed -)

From the Grand rewards, one reward must be selected, and similarly, one reward must be selected from the 6 Bonus rewards. The list of Bonus prizes includes:

Stir-Fry Frostfire Emote in moco store
  1. FFCS The Apprentice Backpack
  2. FFWS 2021 Backpack
  3. New Year Loot box
  4. Moony Pet
  5. Hoot Pet
  6. Grenade – Haven Guardian

Players can spin and select one reward each from the Grand and Bonus prizes. The first spin will cost 9 diamonds, with subsequent spins increasing in diamond cost:

  1. First spin: 9 diamonds
  2. Second spin: 19 diamonds
  3. Third spin: 49 diamonds
  4. Fourth spin: 99 diamonds
  5. Fifth spin: 199 diamonds
  6. Last spin: 499 diamonds

To acquire both Grand prizes from this Moco Store, a total of 874 diamonds will be required. If you possess this many diamonds, you can spin for the rewards.

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