Free Fire First Character Kelly’s Backstory, Abilities, and Real-life Connections

Free Fire introduced numerous characters over time. However, do you know who was the first character launched in Free Fire and what her ability was? If you’re a Free Fire player, you should know who the initial character was. If you’re not sure or want to find out, read on till the end of this post.

In this article, we’ll delve into the launch date, ability, backstory, and real-life connection of the first character. If you’re curious about all of this, keep reading.

Free Fire First Character Kelly's Backstory, Abilities, and Real-life Connections

The developers introduced the first character in Free Fire on 28th February 2018, named Kelly. Now that you know who the inaugural character in Free Fire was, let’s explore her backstory.

Kelly Backstory

Kelly’s backstory is quite intriguing. Do you know Kelly’s real name? Kelly’s real name is Shimada Kiriko. Rena and Andrew adopted Kelly. Her life was going well, and she was content. However, conflicts arose between her mother (Rena) and father (Andrew), leading to their divorce. Kelly chose to live with her mother but maintained a connection with her father.

Kelly had incredible speed, which caught the attention of her high school coach. She was trained and excelled in running.

Kelly possessed the power of running fast and a bit of magic. Due to this, she was kidnapped and abandoned on a remote island, where she faced numerous challenges.

On that island, she never revealed her real name and adopted the name ‘Kelly.’ That’s how she became a part of the game.

Real-life Connection

Kelly or Shimada Kiriko isn’t based on any real-life person. Developers designed her character and backstory for Free Fire.

If you want to see a real-life resemblance to Kelly, the character Tokyo in the Money Heist series resembles her in appearance, mannerisms, and style, matching Kelly. You can see her photo below.

kelly Real life

Kelly Character’s Attire

In Free Fire, there are two versions of Kelly: the Kelly and the Kelly-The Swift. Let’s talk about both.

The normal Kelly wears a white-coloured top with a yellow jacket and yellow pants, presenting a very appealing look.

The elite Kelly (Kelly-The Swift) wears a black top with a yellow and black jacket and pants. Her clothes have bloodstains, representing her journey from fighting to becoming elite.

Kelly’s Ability

As mentioned, Kelly’s remarkable speed is reflected in her ability to design by Free Fire developers. Her ability is named ‘Dash.’

Dash means to suddenly and swiftly move somewhere.

Using Kelly’s Dash ability allows you to run swiftly. Combining this ability with each character’s unique abilities in Free Fire can make it even more formidable. Pro players in Free Fire frequently utilize this ability.

Kelly’s in-game information

free fire kelly character
Birthday1 April
Ability NameDashKelly ability
Ability TypePassive
OccupationTrack Sprinter
RelationAndrew is his father
Obtained FromIn Game Store
Price499💎/ 10,000🟡

Kelly Character Gallery

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