Ajjubhai’s Highly Anticipated Face Reveal: Trailer Out Now

If you’re into Free Fire, chances are you’ve heard of Ajjubhai. He’s a prominent figure on YouTube, known for uploading Free Fire videos on his channel. Renowned for his incredible gaming skills, Ajjubhai has left an indelible mark on every player’s mind. If you’re curious to learn more about him, read on till the end of this post.

A few days ago, Ajjubhai made a post on Instagram, stating that if the post reached 200,000 comments, he’d release a trailer revealing his face. Yesterday, the post hit the mark, accumulating over 200,000 comments. Consequently, Ajjubhai has now uploaded the trailer for his face reveal on his Instagram, which you can watch by clicking the link below.

Ajjubhai’s YouTube Channel

Ajjubhai initiated his YouTube channel on December 2, 2018. Since then, despite not revealing his face, he has uploaded numerous videos related to Free Fire. Currently boasting a staggering 37.1 million subscribers, he has already uploaded a total of 1.2k videos on his channel.

YouTube Channel NameTotal Subscribers
Total Gaming37.1 M+
Total Gaming Shorts1.83 M+
TG Highlights1.35M+
TG Tournament348K+
Boycott Bollywood72.7K+
God of War38.6K+

Ajjubhai Face Reveal Date

The much-awaited moment for Ajjubhai’s face reveal is finally here. Players everywhere have been eagerly anticipating the official video release. Ajjubhai has hinted in the comments that he’ll be uploading his face reveal video on his YouTube channel very soon. However, due to his commitment to creating movie-style videos, there might be a slight delay.

You’ll soon have the chance to witness Ajjubhai’s face reveal, and as soon as the video goes live on his YouTube channel, we’ll provide you with the link. Therefore, feel free to enable notifications on our website to stay updated.

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