Free Fire Max: Exciting Upcoming Events and Latest Updates

Today, we’re here to share details about some upcoming events in Free Fire and the events scheduled for tomorrow. If you’re interested in knowing more, feel free to read through this post till the end.

Firstly, let’s talk about the event coming to Free Fire tomorrow. Tomorrow, Free Fire will host the Faded Wheel event, featuring the Fist skin.

Faded Wheel Rewards:

Free Fire Introduces New Frostfire Punch Faded Wheel
  • Frostfire Punch Fist skin
  • Icy Scythe

Developer Update

The Free Fire developers are launching a Ring Event on December 24 named the Frostfire Ring Event. They’ll be introducing the Evo Bundle as rewards, which include:

  • Frostfire Polar Bundle
  • Frostfire Avatar
  • Frostfire Banner

This bundle is expected to be exceptional and includes an Evo Bundle, providing a unique ‘look changer’ emote.

Moco Store: Soon in Free Fire, there will be a Moco Store event where they’ll launch a gun skin and a bundle. However, you can only claim one reward. The rewards include:

  • Riptide Vanguard Bundle
  • Including 5 gun skins for the M1887

Luck Royale

In a few days, Free Fire will launch a Luck Royale containing numerous jerseys:

  • Bold Red Jersey
  • Three Lions Jersey
  • Samba Troupe Jersey
  • Navigator Jersey
  • No.20 Soccer Jersey
  • No.30 Soccer Jersey
  • No.10 Soccer Jersey
  • No.1 Soccer Jersey
  • No.23 Soccer Jersey
  • No.24 Soccer Jersey

Winterland Event

The Free Fire developers have launched an event today:

  • If you achieve 60 kills, you’ll receive the Homer character for 30 days and a 7-day Skill Skin.
  • With 140 kills, you’ll get the Tatsuya character for 30 days and a 7-day Skill Skin.
  • Playing 24 games will grant you a voice for Quick Massage for 30 days.
  • Playing 55 games will also reward you with a voice for Quick Massage for 30 days.

Even after this event, there are more rewards to be given away for free:

  • Icy Goggles
  • Icy Jacket
  • Gold Royale Voucher
  • Luck Royale Voucher
  • Room Card

We hope you found this information about the upcoming events enjoyable. If you want to stay updated about such events, consider enabling notifications on our website.

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