Free Fire New Mystery Shop Event: Exclusive Item Breakdown!

The developers of Free Fire launched the New Mystery Shop event today, and many players were eagerly awaiting this event. This event has been launched after several days. In this event, you can get lots of items at a discounted price. If you have diamonds, you can get some really good items at a very low cost. We’ll provide you with complete information about this event, so read the post till the end.

To participate in this event, you need to go in and then click on “Try Your Luck.” After that, stop and then hit Enter. You can get a maximum discount of up to 90% in the Mystery Shop event.

new mystery shop event

There are two sides in this event, with one side offering a bundle for female characters and some rewards, while the other side has a bundle for male characters and additional rewards. If you want to switch to the other side, you can do so by spending 10 diamonds or taking some rewards.

Various rewards have been launched in this event, all offering excellent discounts.

Side 1:

  • Iceflake Bundle
  • Icy Mask
  • Evo gun Token Box
  • Intense Stare Emote
  • Gloo wall – Stick Bills
  • Modern Jazz Shoes
  • Handsome Senior Pent
  • Jailbird T-shirts
  • Pink Dragon Backpack
  • Sports Car – Cobra
  • Katana – Snow Doom
  • Gun Box
new mystery shop grand rewards

Side 2:

  • Iceshard Bundle
  • Full Army Tattoo
  • Jawline Beard
  • Bonebust Rocker (Head)
  • Evo gun Token Box
  • Dragon Face paint
  • Room Card
  • Dribble King Emote
  • Motorbike – Cobra
  • Gloo wall – Hysteria
  • Beaston pet
  • Gun Box

You can get all these rewards at a very low cost and enhance your collection. This time, the Booyah Pass is not offered at a discounted price in the Mystery Shop event.

We hope that the information we’ve provided about this Mystery Shop event has been helpful, and for more details like this, you can turn on notifications for our website.

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