There will be changes in the abilities of these characters after the OB43 update in Free Fire

The OB43 patch update in Free Fire game is set to launch soon, and after its launch, players can expect several changes in the game. Some characters in the game have undergone changes in their abilities post the OB43 update. Today, let’s delve into five such characters whose abilities will showcase alterations after the OB43 update.

Character Abilites changes after ob43 update in free fire


There’s a significant change in the ability of the active skill character, Santino, in Free Fire. Currently, when a player uses Santino’s character ability, a puppet emerges from the character and moves forward. When the player clicks on the stability bar above, the player teleports to that puppet. But after the update, the player can teleport twice, meaning, after using Santino’s ability, the player can teleport to where the puppet is and then again teleport back to the previous position. There will be a delay of 3 seconds for the second teleportation.


There has been a significant change in Sonia’s character ability after the OB43 patch update. Now, if a player uses her ability and eliminates an enemy before the shield depletes, the player won’t be knocked down. However, after the update, if the player eliminates an enemy while the shield is active, they will still be eliminated. This is a significant change, and players might refrain from using Sonia’s ability.


Currently in Free Fire, Tatsuya’s character can sprint three times faster. But after the upcoming patch update, players will only be able to sprint twice as fast, while everything else remains the same.


The ability of the character Orion in Free Fire will remain unchanged, except for one alteration: after using the ability, the player’s movement speed will decrease by 20%.


After the next patch update in Free Fire, if a player uses Homer’s character ability, a drone will emerge from the character and blast over an enemy within 100 meters. The damage caused to the enemy will now be 40% (previously 35%), and the enemy’s movement speed will decrease by 40% (previously 60%). However, the cooldown time for this ability will be reduced to 60 seconds (previously 90 seconds).


Currently, after using Chrono’s character ability, there is a cooldown time of 110 seconds. However, after the update, the cooldown time for this ability will be reduced to 75 seconds.


Presently, when Wukong’s character activates his ability, his movement speed decreases by 20%. But after the upcoming update, there won’t be any decrease in movement speed upon using his ability.


In Free Fire, the newly launched character Ignis has an ability called ‘Flaming Fall,’ which creates a 10-meter long firewall. Post the OB43 patch update, this firewall will be extended to 12 meters. The damage caused to enemies caught in the firewall will be reduced to 20HP instantly (previously 30HP), and enemies within the firewall will suffer 20HP damage per second (previously 10HP). Additionally, the cooldown time for this ability will be reduced to 60 seconds (previously 75 seconds).


After the OB43 patch update in Free Fire, a new character, Ryden, will be introduced. This character’s ability is called ‘Spider Trap,’ which will be an active ability. If a player uses Ryden’s Spider Trap ability, a spider will move forward from the character for 20 seconds. If any enemy comes within the 5-meter range of this spider, a web is cast on the enemy’s feet, reducing their movement speed by 80% for 4 seconds. Additionally, the enemy will suffer a reduction of 10HP for 4 seconds. Even if the enemy uses their ability, they will still get stuck in the spider’s web and experience an 80% reduction in movement speed.

These are the nine characters in which players can expect changes in abilities after the upcoming OB43 patch update in Free Fire. Apart from these characters, game developers can make changes in the abilities of other characters as well.

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