6 Tips To Level Up Fast In Free Fire Game

Levelling up in Free Fire is crucial for professional players as it directly reflects their experience and progress within the game. Your level is determined by the accumulation of experience points (EXP), which can be earned through participating in matches, completing missions, and engaging in various in-game activities.

By following effective strategies and tips, you can expedite your progress and rise through the ranks quickly. Levelling up quickly not only enhances your in-game capabilities but also rewards you with exciting achievements. So, if you’re looking to increase your level in Free Fire swiftly, this comprehensive guide provides you with the strategies and tips you need.

How To Increase Experience Points (EXP) Point in Free Fire

Play more games, full map ranked matches

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Playing more games, especially full map ranked matches, is a great way to earn EXP. In Free Fire, the more you play, the more opportunities you have to earn experience. Full map ranked matches is particularly beneficial because they offer higher EXP rewards compared to other game modes. So, try to participate in ranked matches as much as possible to maximize your EXP gains.

Survive more

Surviving for longer durations in each match is crucial for increasing your EXP. The longer you stay alive, the more opportunities you have to accumulate points and rewards. Focus on surviving and avoid getting eliminated early in the game. By utilizing good strategies such as finding cover, managing your resources effectively, and engaging in smart battles, you can improve your chances of survival and, consequently, earn more EXP.

Try to win as many games as possible

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Winning matches is a fantastic way to boost your EXP quickly. The game rewards players with substantial experience points for emerging as the last player or team standing. Focus on developing your skills, coordinating with your teammates, and making strategic decisions to increase your chances of securing victories. By consistently winning games, you can significantly accelerate your leveling up process.

Use EXP cards

Free Fire EXP Card

EXP cards are items that provide an instant boost to your experience points. You can purchase these cards using in-game currency. Once acquired, simply activate them to gain an immediate EXP boost. EXP cards come in different variations, providing different amounts of experience points. Use them strategically, especially when you have a higher chance of performing well in a match, such as during ranked games or when playing with skilled teammates.

Complete daily missions

free fire daily missions

Free Fire offers a variety of daily missions that provide EXP rewards upon completion. These missions can range from simple tasks like playing a certain number of matches or getting a specific number of kills to more challenging objectives. Make sure to check your daily missions regularly and focus on completing them to earn additional experience points. It’s a reliable way to steadily accumulate EXP and level up faster.

Play games every day

Play games every day

Consistency is key in Free Fire. Playing the game regularly helps you earn experience points consistently over time. Free Fire often offers login rewards, which can include EXP bonuses. By logging in and playing every day, you not only increase your chances of receiving these bonuses but also maintain a steady progression of experience points. So, try to make it a habit to play Free Fire daily, even if it’s for a short duration.

By following these tips and incorporating them into your gameplay, you can effectively increase your experience points in Free Fire, which will lead to faster leveling up and unlocking various rewards and features within the game.

Free Fire Level Increase FAQs

Can I level up faster by playing alone or with a squad?

While playing alone allows you to focus on your individual performance, playing with a squad can provide additional advantages, such as communication, support, and increased survival opportunities.

Are there any shortcuts to level up quickly in Free Fire?

Free Fire emphasizes fair gameplay and progression. Although there are no shortcuts to immediately reach higher levels, you can quickly level up by following the guide provided above


Levelling up quickly in Free Fire requires a combination of strategic gameplay, effective teamwork, and efficient resource management. Prioritize survival, complete missions, participate in events, and make use of available resources like Double EXP Cards. By implementing these strategies and tips, you’ll be on your way to levelling up rapidly, unlocking new features, and enjoying the rewards that come with higher levels. Embrace the challenges, improve your skills, and savour the journey as you progress in the exciting world of Free Fire!

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