What is Honor Score in Free Fire Max and how to increase it

Free Fire Max also has an Honor Score system. Do you know anything about this? Well, here’s how it works and how to increase your respect score.

Earlier, when there was no honor score, if you exited a match in CS or BR ranks, nothing significant happened. However, as updates rolled in, they introduced systems. If you left a CS rank after entering, you’d face a ban, strengthening the system. To unlock the CS rank, you had to play Normal CS matches. Then, another update added a feature where if one player was missing in a team of four in the CS rank, the game restarted, strengthening the system further.

After these updates, the honor score was introduced. But what is the honor score? let’s know.

What is the Honor Score?

free fire honor score

The honor score is a system that measures a player’s behaviour in the game. It ranges from 0 to 100 and depends on a player’s gameplay, behaviour, and language usage. It tracks a player’s overall activity, how they interact with other players, what language they use, and whether they engage in any cheating. If players make mistakes in these aspects, their score decreases, and they might face bans in certain modes.

What mistakes lead to a decrease in the honor score?

There are several mistakes you can make in Free Fire Max that decrease your honor score. Here are some points:

Leaving the game midway:

In CS rank, if you play and then exit, your honor score might decrease by up to 8 points, affecting how much your score drops.

Similarly, if you play BR rank and leave midway, your honor score might decrease just like in CS rank.


If you play the game and misbehave with a friend, leading them to report you, your score could decrease by 2 or 8 points.

No Movement

If you’re in a game but not making any movements, the system might consider it as leaving the game and your honor score could decrease.

Inappropriate Language

Using bad language or profanity while playing with friends can also lead to a decrease in your Honor Score.

What will happen if Hono score is low?

Now, knowing how much the honor score decreases upon making mistakes, let’s see what bans you might face based on your honor score:

If your honor score ranges between 95 to 99, there won’t be any penalty, but you won’t receive any rewards either.

With an honor score between 90 to 94, you might face a CS rank ban. Below 90, you could face bans in CS rank and also in Duo and Squad modes of BR rank.

Scores ranging from 60 to 79 might result in bans in both CS and BR ranks.

If your score drops below 60, you might face bans in CS and BR ranks and won’t be able to play with your friends.

How can you increase your honor score to 100, even in just a day?

If your honor score is significantly low, playing BR mode won’t help you reach 100 in a day. However, playing Lone Wolf might help you reach 100 faster, as you get 1 honor score per match. Claim rewards once you maintain a score of 100.

I hope this information about the honor score was helpful. If your friends have a significantly low score, feel free to share this post with them. If you’d like to read more information like this, turn on notifications for our website!

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