6 Ways To Get Diamonds In Free Fire

Free Fire, a popular battle royale game, introduces an in-game currency called Diamonds that allows players to access exclusive items, characters, skins, and more. While Diamonds can be acquired through in-app purchases, this article will explore several methods to obtain Diamonds in Free Fire. Read on to discover various strategies to unlock this coveted currency and enhance your gaming experience.

Method 1: Top-Up

Top-up is a common and direct method to acquire Diamonds in Free Fire. By purchasing Diamonds through the in-game store, players can quickly add them to their account balance. Free Fire offers various top-up options with different denominations, allowing you to choose the amount that suits your needs and budget. However, it’s important to note that top-up requires real money investment.

free fire top up

While the top-up method provides a straightforward way to obtain Diamonds, it is also the most expensive option. The cost of Diamonds varies depending on the quantity you wish to purchase. For instance, if you want to acquire 100 Diamonds, it will cost you around 80 rupees. Similarly, if you desire 300, 520, 1060, 2180, or 5600 Diamonds, you will have to pay 250, 400, 800, 1600, or 4000 rupees, respectively. It’s essential to consider the cost before opting for this method, as it can be quite expensive.

Diamond AmountCost
100 💎Rs 80
310 💎Rs 240
520 💎Rs 400
1060 💎Rs 800
2180 💎Rs 1600
5600 💎Rs 4000

Method 2: Special Offers

Special Offers is another method through which you can acquire Diamonds in Free Fire, and it provides a cost-effective way to obtain them. Free Fire frequently introduces special offers and promotions that allow players to purchase diamonds at discounted prices or receive additional bonus diamonds with their purchases.

free fire Special Offers

By taking advantage of these special offers, you can acquire diamonds at a more affordable rate compared to direct top-up. These offers are designed to provide players with better value for their money and encourage them to make purchases. They often include exclusive bundles, extra diamonds, or additional in-game items, making them a popular choice among Free Fire users.

Using the Special Offers method, you can collect diamonds more efficiently and stretch your budget further. Keep an eye out for these limited-time deals by regularly checking the in-game store or keeping yourself updated through announcements and notifications. By purchasing diamonds during these special promotions, you can maximize the number of diamonds you receive for the same amount of money spent.

Method 3: Level Up Pass

Free Fire Level Up Pass

Free Fire offers two types of Level Up Passes: the regular Level Up Pass and the Golden Level Up Pass. The regular Level Up Pass grants you access to free items as you progress, while the Golden Level Up Pass provides even more benefits. With the Golden Level Up Pass, you have the ability to obtain a wider range of items and purchase everything available in Free Fire.

Method 4: Membership

Free Fire Membership

Free Fire offers different membership options that grant access to exclusive privileges and rewards, including Diamonds. By subscribing to a membership plan, players can enjoy benefits such as daily Diamond bonuses, discounts on purchases, and more. Consider choosing a membership that aligns with your gameplay style and objectives to enjoy the added perks, including regular Diamond rewards.

Method 5: Subscription

Free Fire Subscription

Apart from memberships, Free Fire may introduce special subscription programs that offer recurring rewards, including Diamonds, on a monthly basis. These subscriptions often provide a fixed number of Diamonds each month, allowing you to accumulate them over time without making individual purchases. Keep an eye out for these subscription plans and evaluate if they suit your needs and budget.

Method 6: Top-Up Event

The Top-Up Event method is considered one of the most effective ways to acquire a significant number of Diamonds in Free Fire. This method combines the benefits of top-up with additional rewards, making it highly favored by 70% of Free Fire users.

Free Fire Top-Up Event

During a Top-Up Event, Free Fire introduces a limited-time promotion where players receive extra Diamonds as a bonus when they make purchases. The event typically offers tiered rewards based on the amount of Diamonds topped up. For example, if you top up a number of Diamonds, you may receive bonus Diamonds and exclusive in-game items as a reward.

Keep a lookout for announcements and notifications within the game regarding Top-Up Events. These events may coincide with special occasions, festivals, or game updates. It’s important to note that Top-Up Events have a specific duration, and once the event period ends, the associated benefits and bonuses may no longer be available. Therefore, ensure that you take advantage of these events while they are active to reap the most significant rewards.


Are there any completely free methods to get Diamonds in Free Fire?

While most methods involve some form of investment, occasional events and in-game achievements may provide free Diamonds as rewards.

Can I transfer Diamonds between Free Fire accounts?

No, Diamonds cannot be transferred between accounts. They are tied to the specific account where they were purchased or earned.


Free Fire also provides various methods to acquire diamonds By utilizing top-up options, taking advantage of special offers, levelling up, subscribing to memberships, and participating in top-up events, players can gradually accumulate Diamonds and unlock exciting in-game content. Remember to assess your preferences, budget, and gaming goals to determine which methods are most suitable for you.

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