Dimitri Backstory, Ability and In-Game Info

We have initiated a series where we reveal details about various characters. Although we’ve begun this series earlier, we’ve covered several characters. Continuing this trend, we’re here to shed light on the Dimitri character today.

About Dimitri Character

Developers introduced the Dimitri character during the 4th-anniversary event in Free Fire. This character was launched as part of the Top-Up event.

At its launch, Dimitri possessed a highly dangerous ability which, although slightly nerfed recently, remains formidable and useful in the game.

Players across CS ranks are actively utilizing Dimitri’s ability. The developers introduced the Dimitri character on August 12, 2021. Following this launch, let’s delve deeper into the background of the Dimitri character.

Dimitri’s Backstory

free fire dimitri and thiva Character wallpaper

Dimitri was born on December 2. He is Thiva’s older brother. Dimitri spent most of his time in the laboratory, exploring new sound technologies. He believed in using his inventions to aid the world and enhance people’s lives. Dimitri, a young man of 26, is passionate about contributing positively to society.

Dimitri’s Ability

dimitri ability

When a player uses the ‘Healing Heartbeat’ ability, a 3.5-meter circle is formed. Within this circle, there is a 10 HP recovery every second, and self-revival is possible. This circle lasts for 6 seconds. It’s an active ability.

Dimitri In-Game Info

Free Fire Dimitri Character
BirthdayMay 16
Ability NameHealing Heartbeat
Ability TypeActive
OccupationSound Tech Engineer
HobbyAction Movies
RelationElder Brother of Thiva
Obtained FromIn-Game Store
Price499 💎 / 10,000🟡

Dimitri Images

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