PVS Gaming UID, Gameplay Stats, and YouTube Channel Overview

Today, we are going to tell you about PVS Gaming’s UID, headshot, wins, KD, and more. If you’re a fan of this YouTuber, read this post till the end.

PVS Gaming Free Fire UID is “63725581,” and the name in Free Fire is ‘PVS Gaming.’

PVS Gaming is a YouTuber who uploads update-related videos on their YouTube channel. They also upload gameplay videos and are part of the Free Fire Partner Program.

They also have a ‘V Badge’ where Garena sends them all the items first because they can provide complete information about events to their fans. Garena also sends this player diamonds for free. Now, let’s learn more about them.

Introduction to PVS Gaming

PVS is from Tamil Nadu, and their real name is undisclosed. They are not only a YouTuber but also a doctor. They upload excellent videos on their YouTube channel.

PVS’s Free Fire UID “63725581” has the in-game name ‘PVS Gaming.’ They have a ‘V Badge’ in their Free Fire ID. They have 40847 likes and are at level 73 in Free Fire. They are a very popular YouTuber.

PVS Gaming’s YouTube Channel

PVS Gaming’s YouTube channel is named ‘PVS Gaming,’ with 2.67 million subscribers. They have uploaded 1.5k videos on their channel.

PVS Gaming started its YouTube channel on July 3, 2018. They upload Free Fire-related videos on their channel. After learning about this player’s introduction and YouTube channel, let’s delve into their gameplay.

PVS Gaming’s Gameplay

PVS Gaming UID, Gameplay Stats

PVS is at level 72 in Free Fire with 21,121 likes. Let’s see how many games PVS Gaming has played and won in BR mode.

They have played a total of 1220 Solo games and won 114 games.

  • Top 10: 448
  • Top 10 rate: 36.72%
  • K/D: 3.55%
  • Avg survival time: 8’00
  • Road kills: 310
  • Headshots: 1278
  • Headshot rate: 32.56%

They have played a total of 1034 Duo games and won 167 games.

  • Top 5: 388
  • Top 5 rate: 37.52%
  • K/D: 2.67%
  • Avg survival time: 9’08
  • Road kills: 42
  • Headshots: 581
  • Headshot rate: 25.12%

They mostly play Squad games, having played a total of 12621 Squad games and won 2630 games.

  • Top 3: 4221
  • Top 3 rate: 33.44%
  • K/D: 3.31%
  • Avg survival time: 9’20
  • Road kills: 480
  • Headshots: 9206
  • Headshot rate: 27.82%

If we talk about CS gameplay, it goes something like this:

  • Games: 3347
  • Wins: 1866
  • Win rate: 55.75%
  • K/D: 1.60%
  • Headshots: 6075
  • Headshot rate: 39.84%
  • MVP: 1106

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