Free Fire Upcoming Events: Moco Store and Ring Event

Free Fire Max developers are set to launch several exciting events, including the Moco Store Event and Ring Event. Let’s dive into the details of these upcoming events to discover the new bundles and emotes they have in store for players.

Moco Store

In the upcoming days, Free Fire developers are gearing up to launch the Moco Store Event, featuring the introduction of new emotes, bundles, and gun skins. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the offerings:

  1. The Biker Emote
  2. Bamboo Dance Emote
  3. Coral Rebel Bundle
  4. Coral Trouble Bundle
  5. MAC10 – Enflamed Terror
    • Accuracy ++
    • Damage +
    • Magazine –
  6. UMP – Pumpkin Flame
    • Damage +
    • Reload speed ++
    • Magazine –

All these rewards will be available in the next Moco Store Event, and players can choose one reward of their choice.

Lucky Shop

Free Fire developers are also launching a new discount event, where numerous rewards will be offered at a 90% discount. The Grand Prize of this event includes the launch of three outstanding bundles:

  1. Charcoal Whizz Bundle
  2. Fiendish Foxtail Bundle
  3. E – Heartseeker Bundle

In addition to these bundles, players can also acquire vouchers, emotes, and hoodies. Here’s a glimpse of some additional rewards:

  • Evo Gun Token Box
  • Voucher
  • Name Change Card
  • Basudara Dance Emote
  • Full Arm Tattoo
  • Down Pants
  • Rose Emote
  • Nightlife Hoodie
  • Possessed Warrior

Ring Event

Prepare yourselves as Free Fire developers are set to launch a new Ring Event in the coming days. This event will introduce two new bundles that are anticipated to be exceptional. If you’re looking to upgrade your bundle collection, this event is not to be missed. The featured bundles and prizes include:

  1. Feline Flaneur Bundle
  2. Feline Fatale Bundle
  3. M4A1 – Feline’s Burst
    • Accuracy ++
    • Movement Speed +
    • Reload Speed –
  4. Charge Buster – Feline’s Burst
    • Armor Penetration +
    • Range +
    • Movement Speed –
  5. Gloo Wall – Feline’s Blessing
  6. Grenade – Feline Shadow

We hope you find this preview of the upcoming Moco Store and Ring Events enticing. For those who wish to stay updated on such information, consider enabling notifications on our website and also follow WhatsApp channel.

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