Discover the Big Changes in Free Fire’s OB42 Update

Free Fire game has released the Advance Server for the OB42 update. This server is a test version of the changes that will come to the game after the OB42 patch update. In this post, we will explore the major changes that have occurred after the OB42 update.

Major Changes After the OB42 Update in Free Fire

Big Changes in Free Fire OB42 Update

Duo Active Skill in Special Clash Squad

After the update, the Duo Active Skill in Clash Squad mode may become permanent. This Special Clash Squad mode might also become permanent in the Ranked mode. In this mode, you can use two active skill characters simultaneously.

Changes in FF Coins

Free Fire will introduce FF Coin machines on the map where players can obtain 200 coins. These machines will have a cooldown time, and players can collect 200 coins from them after some time. When a player carrying FF Coins is eliminated and then revived by their team, they won’t lose the previously collected FF Coins.

Character Ability Changes

After the OB42 update, some characters have had their abilities improved, while others have had their abilities nerfed.

Improved Abilities:

  • Elite Kelly
  • Joseph
  • Nikita

Reduced Abilities:

  • Sonia: The ability to recover 150HP on knocking down an enemy will be reduced to 100HP.
  • Orion: The ability to deal 15HP damage to enemies will be reduced to 10HP.
  • Thiva: The cooldown time will be increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Dimitri: The cooldown time will also be increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • A124: The skill lock time will be reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds, and the cooldown time will be increased from 50 seconds to 75 seconds.

New Snow Map

The game will introduce a Snow Map after the OB42 update. This map will replace the Bermuda map with snow-covered terrain. Players can run on the snow, allowing for unique gameplay experiences.

New Ignis Character

The game will feature a new character named Ignis. This character’s active ability creates a large fire wall that deals damage to enemies who pass through it.

New Items in the Vending Machine

After the update, the Vending Machine will offer new items. Players can purchase abilities of Clu and Chrono characters using player coins, but they can only use them once. Teleport and Jumping Shoes will also be available in the Vending Machine, and players can choose one item to purchase.

Peak House Changes

The roof of the Peak House has been changed. A plane area has been added to the roof where players can land and engage in fast-paced battles. Additionally, the second floor of the Peak House is now accessible to players.

Vehicle Free Look

After the update, players can freely look around while driving a vehicle, allowing for a 360-degree view, unlike the previous fixed view.

Last Zone Changes

In both BR Rank and Full Map modes, the location of the last zone will change from its original position, providing a dynamic experience.

All these changes will be implemented in the Free Fire game after the OB42 update, which is expected to be available to players on October 31 or November 1. These changes will significantly impact the gameplay.

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