Why is the Free Fire India launch delayed and what to expect

Free Fire was launched for pre-registration on the Play Store in India, but currently, It is not available for download and pre-registration (Earlier pre-registration of the game was started but now it has been removed from the Play Store). The release date of Free Fire was postponed, and despite the time that has passed, there’s still no clarity on its availability.

When is Free Fire expected to launch in India? Why hasn’t Free Fire been launched yet, and what’s the real reason behind it? We’ll provide complete information about this, so please read the entire post.

Why Is Free Fire India Launch Facing Delays?

Firstly, let us inform you why Free Fire hasn’t launched yet. Then, we’ll tell you when Free Fire is expected to launch. So, here it goes.

Behind every game, there’s a server that drives its functioning. Similarly, Free Fire in India had a server named Unity when it was being prepared.

The developers of Free Fire felt that there were relatively fewer players in India, so they didn’t make the server extremely robust. However, when they realized that the game was becoming extremely popular in India and that the existing server couldn’t handle the load, the launch date of Free Fire in India had to be postponed.

Why Free Fire India's Launch Faces Delays and What to Expect New Launch Date

The developers of Free Fire are currently working on a server that can handle all these aspects properly. They are planning to control Free Fire India using the Unreal Engine 4, and there’s still a lot of work to be done in this regard, which is why Free Fire India hasn’t been launched yet.

The developers of Free Fire are completely immersed in this work. After all, they have invested a significant amount of money in this game and deserve the opportunity to earn from it. Hence, they are working day and night on Free Fire to make it better.

When will Free Fire India launch?

Now, let’s tell you when Free Fire is finally expected to launch. If you believe us, Free Fire won’t be launching this year. It is more likely to be launched in the first month of 2024, which means January 2024, according to our understanding.

Information about Free Fire LaunchValue
Launch ExpectationYes
Launching This YearNo
January 2024 (First Month)Yes
Estimated LaunchJanuary 2024
Not Expected This YearNo

We hope that this information about the potential launch of Free Fire India has been helpful. If you wish to read such information in Hindi, you can enable notifications on our website.

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