Top 3 Game-Changing XM8 Gun Skins in Free Fire Max

The XM8 gun in Garena Free Fire Max is widely used by players for long-range combat. Equipping this gun with skins can make it quite dangerous in the game. There are several gun skins available for the XM8 in the game, and we’ve listed the top 3 skins from them, ranking them from 3 to 1. If you’re interested in knowing about these top 3 XM8 gun skins, continue reading this post till the end.

When the XM8 gun was first introduced in Free Fire Max, it was extensively used because of its excellent range, enabling players to land precise headshots.

This gun was particularly effective in long-range combat when it was first launched in Free Fire Max. It boasts impressive damage, and players can land very accurate headshots with it.

Lively Beast

The Lively Beast XM8 gun skin was given to all players for free. This gun skin is very effective, offering a high rate of fire. With this skin, you can eliminate any player within moments.

Lively Beast xm8 gun skin

This gun skin also provides excellent damage capabilities. With its high rate of fire, players can easily land headshots on opponents. The attributes of this gun skin are as follows:

Lively Beast Attributes:

  • Rate of fire ++
  • Magazine –


This gun skin was introduced in the Luck Royale. It’s also highly effective, offering significantly increased damage. This gun skin is quite menacing, allowing players to land very accurate headshots.

Abyssal XM8 gun skin

It provides considerable range, enabling players to deal substantial damage in long-range combat. The attributes of this gun skin are as follows:

Abyssal Attributes:

  • Damage ++
  • Range +
  • Magazine –

Destiny Guardian

This gun skin is an Evolution skin and was available in the Faded Wheel. It’s considered the best gun skin so far, providing the highest damage compared to all other gun skins. With this gun skin, players can take down any player with just 6 or 7 shots.

Destiny Guardian XM8 Gun skin

This gun skin offers a very high rate of fire, making it very easy for players to land headshots. It offers both damage and rate of fire, making it deadly. The attributes of this gun skin are as follows:

Destiny Guardian Attributes:

  • Damage ++
  • Rate of fire +
  • Reload speed –

These were the top 3 gun skins for the XM8 that are considered the best so far. Hopefully, you found our post on these top 3 XM8 gun skins enjoyable.

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