Free Fire India Diwali Event Leak and Possible Launch Date

Free Fire India will soon be among us. A major leak from the game developer has surfaced, and many players are delighted to see it. An official post of the Diwali event has been shared on Free Fire India’s official YouTube channel and social media. This post implies that the game developer has shared this post while keeping Indian Free Fire players in mind, as you can see below.

free fire india and diwali event

This photo directly indicates that Free Fire India is soon going to launch. This is because the Diwali event has been launched with Indian Free Fire players in mind. In this photo, you can see the Bundles of both Lord Rama and Ravana.

The Diwali event in the game is set to begin on October 27th, and it suggests that Free Fire India might also be launching on the same date. This assumption may be accurate since Free Fire India could potentially be launched alongside this Diwali event. If there are no updates from the game developer before October 27th, it may be assumed that Free Fire India will launch in November.

Until the game developer makes an official announcement, it’s a bit challenging to speculate about the exact launch date. For now, the hope is that Free Fire India will launch in the first week of November.

Free Fire Diwali Event

The Diwali event in Free Fire is scheduled to start on October 27th and will run for 10 to 15 days in the game. During this event, players will receive various grand rewards. In these rewards, players will get Bundles of Lord Rama and Ravana, along with several other rewards, as listed below:

  • Rama’s Bundle
  • Ravana’s Bundle
  • Katana Skin
  • Scythe Skin
  • Gun Skin
  • Skateboard Skin
  • Parachute Skin
  • Grenade Skin
  • Gloo Wall Skin
  • Pan Skin
  • Vehicle Skin
  • Avatar
  • Avatar Banner

These rewards will be launched in Free Fire through the Diwali event. All of these rewards will be launched in the game through different events such as Luck Royale, in-game events, top-up, and more.

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