Exciting Updates: Free Fire India New Launch Date Confirmed

The wait for the launch date of Free Fire India has finally ended. Yes, players, a significant update has been released that confirms the imminent arrival of Free Fire India among us.

The game developer had not provided any updates regarding Free Fire India after the postponement of the launch date. However, now, a new update has surfaced, indicating that Free Fire India is likely to launch soon.

Free Fire India Survey

The game developer has sent a survey to select Free Fire players, in which they are asked to provide their location and some personal information. It’s worth noting that not all Free Fire players received this survey; it was sent to a chosen few.

After seeing this survey, it can be speculated that the developers may share some information about Free Fire India with these selected players or build hype for its launch. It’s also possible that the game might be launched during an event involving these Free Fire players.

While the exact purpose of this survey remains uncertain, it is undoubtedly related to Free Fire India. You can see a photo of this survey below.

free fire india new survey

New Rule

A significant update for the Free Fire India game has introduced a new rule. This rule allows players to permanently delete their accounts if they wish to do so, although most players may not want to do that.

This rule seems to be primarily aimed at the parents of young children who play the game without their permission. Parents can delete their child’s Free Fire account if they choose to do so. The photo below shows two options related to this new rule.

free fire new rule request account deletion
free fire new rule request account deletion

So, these are some of the most significant updates regarding Free Fire India. It raises hopes that Free Fire will indeed launch around November 1st, as we previously mentioned. We hope you found this latest update on Free Fire India interesting.

Free Fire India New Launch Date

Game NameFree Fire India
DevelopersGarena International III
Brand AmbassadorMS Dhoni
Launch DateThe First week of November 2023
Download SizeAround 500MB
Pre-Registrationclick here

When was Free Fire India released?

Free Fire India will be released on 31st October or the first week of November.

Is Free Fire unban in India 2023?

Yes, Free Fire will be unbanned by the end of 2023.

Why is Free Fire India not launching?

Due to server issues, Free Fire India is not launching yet. The launch date of Free Fire India has been extended so that the player does not face any lag or bugs while playing the game.

Why Free Fire blocked in India?

Free Fire India is not blocked in India, its launch date has been extended due to a server issue. Free Fire India will be launched within the first week of November.

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