Free Fire OB43 Update: Major Game-Changing Features Unveiled

Free Fire Game’s OB43 Advanced Server Has Been Released, and After Playing This Advanced Server, Some Changes Have Been Noticed That You’ll See in the Upcoming Update. Here, in this entire article, we’ll discuss all the changes happening in Free Fire that you’ll see in the upcoming update.

World Chat Comeback

The game developer had disabled the World Chat inside Free Fire, but now, after the OB43 update, every player can chat through World Chat just like before.

Changes in ZipWay Location

In the NexTerra map of Free Fire, there’s a location called ZipWay, which used to be a very open location. Now, after the update, the game developer has completely changed this place.

Sonia Character Ability Skin

The game developer is now launching a skin for Sonia character’s ability. Previously, the game developer had released skins for the abilities of Tatsuya, Homer, and Wukong during the Winterland event. Now, after the OB43 update, you’ll also see a skin for Sonia character’s ability.

Removal of ‘No Signal’ in the Lobby Instead of the Map

Until now, whenever we started the Free Fire game and entered the lobby, instead of the map, ‘No Signal’ was displayed on the top left corner because you were inside the lobby. But after the update, whatever map you enter for gameplay will be displayed there.

Landing with a Gun from the Plane

If you play BR mode and land from the plane, you’ll now land with a gun already. You won’t need to find a gun after landing; you’ll be given a gun already so that you can survive during landing and loot other items later.

Return of the Danger Zone

The game developer had removed the Danger Zone from the game, but after the OB43 update, the Danger Zone has been brought back into the game.

Arsenal Chamber

There have been changes made inside the Arsenal Chamber in the BR game. Now, after the update, players will already find the Arsenal Chamber open. Until now, a player had to complete a mission or something similar to open this Arsenal Chamber, but now it will be permanently open.

Character Ability Changes

There have been significant changes in the abilities of Sonia and Orion characters in Free Fire. Now, when a player uses Sonia’s character ability, the player won’t remain alive with the shield for some time before being knocked. Previously, if a player eliminated an enemy before the shield expired, the player wouldn’t get knocked, but now, even if you eliminate an enemy during the shield duration, you’ll still get knocked. This is a significant change, and perhaps no player will use Sonia’s ability after this.

There aren’t many changes in Orion’s character. On activating its ability, the movement speed has been reduced by 20%. Apart from this, no other changes have been made to this character.

So, these were some changes in the Free Fire game after the OB43 update. However, there might be several more changes in the game.

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