Making Money Playing Free Fire: A Guide to Interesting App

You can earn money by playing Free Fire. How can you earn money by playing the Free Fire game? You can earn money by winning matches in Free Fire. We are going to give complete information about all this. Therefore read this post till the end.

Can we earn money by playing Free Fire?

Making Money Playing Free Fire

Yes, it’s possible to earn money by playing Free Fire. There are certain apps where we can play custom rooms and earn money based on the number of kills we achieve.

Which app is it, and where can it be downloaded?

Numerous apps are available on Google through which you can earn money, but we’ll tell you about a trusted app called ‘Khiladi Adda.’ You can download this app using the link provided below.

So, you need to download this app using the given link.

After that, follow these steps to log in:

  • As soon as you open the app, click on ‘Create an Account.’
  • Enter details such as Name, Mobile Number, Email, and ‘ldep8sju’ (copy and paste it there).
  • Upon logging in, you’ll receive 10 coins, which can be used to play matches.

First, enter Free Fire. There, you’ll find several tournaments you can join.

If you join a tournament with 10 coins, you’ll earn 7 coins for each kill and 25 coins for winning a match. 1 coin equals 1 rupee.

This app also offers other games, allowing you to earn money by playing them.

Withdrawal Process

You need to link your UPI ID. Afterward, click on the UPI ID and enter the number of coins you want to withdraw. After some time, the money will be transferred to your UPI ID.

We hope you found the information about the Khiladi Adda app helpful. If you want more details like this, you can subscribe to notifications on our website.

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