Free Fire Season 37 Rank Rewards and New Faded Wheel

The new rank season has arrived in Free Fire, and just like every time, you are determined to push your rank. However, this time, there are some different rewards awaiting those who climb the ranks. Let’s discuss the rewards you can earn at different ranks in both Battle Royale (BR) and Clash Squad (CS) modes.

Currently, Free Fire is in its 37th season, and if you reach the Heroic rank in BR mode, you will receive a star. Additionally, reaching Heroic in CS mode will also grant you a star.

Rank Rewards Unveiled

This is the first month of 2024, and a total of 6 BR rank seasons and 6 CS rank seasons are expected to come this year. If you manage to reach Heroic rank in both BR and CS modes six times each throughout the year, you will be eligible for various fantastic rewards.

To claim these rewards, it’s crucial not to miss any season. You must reach Heroic rank in every season; otherwise, you won’t be eligible for the rewards.

For players who achieve Heroic rank in both CS and BR modes twice, a unique emote named “Dawn Voyage” will be rewarded.

If you reach Heroic rank in both CS and BR modes four times, you will receive a parachute skin called “Dawn Voyage Parachute.”

Achieving Heroic rank in both CS and BR modes six times will earn you a UMP skin named “Dawn Voyage,” which has the following attributes:

  • Damage +
  • Range ++
  • Magazine –

Players who reach Heroic rank in both CS and BR modes twelve times will be rewarded with a profile sticker called “Dawn Voyage,” a rare and prestigious sticker.

New Lucky Royale in Free Fire

A new Faded Wheel has been launched by developers in Free Fire, featuring an animated spin. The first spin in this Faded Wheel costs 9 diamonds, and the diamond requirement increases with subsequent spins. However, in this event, you need to remove any two rewards to spin.

The diamond requirements for 8 spins are as follows:

  1. 9 Diamonds
  2. 19 Diamonds
  3. 39 Diamonds
  4. 69 Diamonds
  5. 99 Diamonds
  6. 149 Diamonds
  7. 199 Diamonds
  8. 499 Diamonds

In total, you need 1082 diamonds to complete 8 spins. With 1082 diamonds, you can obtain the grand prize.

Now, let’s discuss the grand prizes in this event:

  1. Achiever Step Animation: This animation triggers when you become the MVP, and other players view your profile.
  2. Feather Smasher Soul Crusher Skateboard
  3. Space Monster Backpack
  4. Cube Fragments
  5. Supply Crate
  6. Armor Crate
  7. Gun Box
  8. Pet Food
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