Free Fire New Bizon Faded Wheel 

A new Feded Wheel has been launched in Free Fire Max named “Bizon.” To obtain the Bizon Gun skin, you need to spin a total of how many times, and how many diamonds will be required? lets find out.

In this faded wheel, there are 2 gun skins as grand prizes, both of which are exceptionally good. If you don’t have the Bizon skin, you can obtain this gun skin at a limited cost in diamonds. The names and photos of both rewards are as follows.

Bizon – Fundamentality 

  • Accuracy ++
  • Movement Speed +
  • Reload speed –

G36 – Fundamentality

  • Accuracy +
  • Range +
  • Reload speed –

 This faded wheel includes many more rewards, some of which are as follows. However, to add any two rewards from this set, you will need to remove them.

  • Mr. Shark
  • Skull Parachute 
  • Cube fragments
  • Supply crate 
  • Armor Crate 
  • Gun box 
  • Pet food

The first spin in this faded wheel starts at 9 diamonds, and the diamond cost increases with subsequent spins. The last spin will be priced at 499 diamonds.

  • 9 Diamond 
  • 19 Diamond
  • 39 Diamond
  • 69 Diamond
  • 99 Diamond
  • 149 Diamond
  • 199 Diamond
  • 499 Diamond

To obtain the Bizon Gun Skin, how many spins do you need to make, and how many diamonds will be required?

To obtain the Bizon Gun skin in this faded wheel, you need to make a total of 8 spins, and it will cost a total of 1082 diamonds.

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