Free Fire New Moco Store, Luminous Pass and Halloween Party

“The Diwali event in Free Fire has begun and it has been launched globally. The Diwali event is launched under the name ‘Diwali’ only in India, while on other servers, it has been launched with different names.

In the Free Fire Diwali event, all the rewards available are launched through various in-game events. In this article, we will discuss all the rewards that are part of the Free Fire Diwali event.

Free Fire Diwali Sub Events

Currently, the Ring Event and the Luck Royale have been launched in Free Fire, which offer players the Ravana Bundle and the Desert Eagle gun skin as exclusive rewards. In addition to these, more rewards will be launched during upcoming events.

Free Fire New Moco Store

Above the Diwali event, a new Moco Store will be introduced in the game, where players can find 2 emotes, 2 gun skins, and 2 bundles. The rewards in this Moco Store will be available in the following way:

  • Eat My Dust Emote
  • Booyah Balloon
  • Lethal Finstooth Mag 7 Gun skin
  • Boss Tweed Bundle (Male Bundle)
  • Boss Posh Bundle (Female Bundle)
  • Kingfisher- moonlight Ballad

Players can choose any two rewards. Click on the ‘Next’ button. Use diamonds to spin and obtain these rewards.

To spin in the Moco Store, you will need a total of 854 diamonds. All the rewards in the Moco Store have been reintroduced, so if you wish, you can acquire them.

Luminous Pass

After the Moco Store, the game will launch an event called Luminous Pass, where players will need to top up 99 diamonds to participate. In this event, players will receive the rewards listed below.

  • Motorbike- Urban Scooter
  • Urban Skyboarder
  • Divine Blade katana skin

Halloween Party

Following the Luminous Pass, the game will introduce an event called Halloween Party, where players will receive two bundles and one emote as rewards.

  • Duke of Terrorville Bundle (Male Bundle)
  • Duchess of Terrorland Bundle (Female Bundle)
  • Ghost Float

These are all the Sub events in the Free Fire Diwali event that players will be able to enjoy in the game in the coming days. We hope you found this information interesting.

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