Free Fire Winter lands, Less is More Event and Redeem code

The developers of Free Fire have introduced the Winter Land Event today. This event brings forth numerous rewards, some of which are being offered absolutely free. Additionally, several other events are also set to launch, providing comprehensive information about all these events. So, read the post till the end.

Winterlands Free Rewards

Firstly, let’s discuss the free rewards available in the Winter Land Event, earned by completing certain missions. One such reward is the Celebration Schuss Emote, available completely free.

Apart from this emote, there’s an animation change for the grass-making ability of the Hukong character. This skin, called Frost Monkey, will be provided for 30 days upon obtaining the character and using its ability.

There’s also a pet named Agent Hop available for free, which can be obtained by logging in daily for 12 hours of usage using the Room card.

They are giving away the skin for AK47 completely free. To acquire it, certain missions need to be completed. Each mission rewards the skin for 20 days, with a total of 5 missions available. This means it will be available for 100 days, indicating a permanent acquisition.

AK47 – Flaming Red

Range ++
Damage +
Magazine –

Less is more

Free Fire is launching the Less is More event in the Winter Land Event. The fewer diamonds you have, the more discounts you’ll get. If you have 0 to 50 diamonds, you can purchase 520 diamonds for ₹160.

For 50 to 150 diamonds, you can acquire them for ₹240.

For 150 to 300 diamonds, you can obtain them for ₹320.

If you have more than 300 diamonds, you can purchase them for ₹400.

Redeem Code

Free Fire developers are providing a redeem code on January 1st. Redeeming this code will grant you the M1887 gun skin, a bundle, and a white t-shirt.

If you want to redeem the code first, you can enable notifications for our website. As soon as the redeem code is available, we’ll upload a post, and you’ll receive a notification.

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