Free Fire’s New Lamborghini Luck Royale

Developers in Free Fire have launched a new Luck Royale. This Luck Royale is themed around Lamborghini. Many rewards have been introduced in this Luck Royale. We’ll provide you with all the details about this Luck Royale. So, read the post till the end.

Developers of Free Fire have launched a new Luck Royale. In this Luck Royale, they’ve launched four Lamborghini car skins at a grand prize. This isn’t just any normal skin; along with all these Lamborghini skins, there are also some abilities. The names and abilities of the four Lamborghini skins are as follows:

Free Fire New Lamborghini Luck Royale
  1. Aventador Booyah
    • Damage ++
    • Damage Reduction –
    • Durability +
  2. Veneno Rosso Efesto
    • Top Speed ++
    • Damage Reduction +
    • Handling –
  3. Veneno Nero Nemesis
    • Top Speed ++
    • Damage Reduction +
    • Handling
  4. Aventador Grigio Nimbus
    • Damage ++
    • Damage Reduction –
    • Durability +

Apart from these Lamborghini skins, they’ve also launched an emote named ‘Lamborghini Ride.’ This emote is exceptional, but its specific activation spot is unknown. However, we can tell you that this emote is different from all the others.

As soon as you activate this emote, your character will be seen sitting on the Lamborghini, remaining there for a long time. This emote is a running emote as well. Hence, you can also run while using it. It looks very distinct from the other emotes. If you wish to get this emote, you’ll need approximately 2000 to 3000 diamonds.

In this Luck Royale, you can spin once for 20 diamonds or do a 10+1 spin for 200 diamonds. If you want to get the Lamborghini skin, you’ll need around 2000 to 3000 diamonds.

Apart from these, several other rewards are included in this Luck Royale, with names and photos as follows:

  • Feather Bomb
  • Pan – Booyah day 2021
  • Star Generals Backpack
  • Loot box
  • Eclipse Surfer
  • Songkran Skyboard
  • Bolt Parachute
  • Bull token

You can exchange the Bull token to get the Lamborghini skin and emote.

We hope that you’ve now received complete information about this Luck Royale, including the approximate diamonds required. If you want to read similar posts, you can enable notifications on our website.

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