Upcoming Free Fire Max Events and Rewards Revealed

Every day in Free Fire, several events arrive and many events conclude. But do you want to know in advance about an event that is going to be launched tomorrow? So today, we’ll be sharing information about the events that will be launching this month. Read this post till the end to know more.

Free Fire X Lamborghini

The developers of Free Fire are introducing a new event starting tomorrow. This event will be launched with a Lamborghini theme and will offer numerous rewards. Some rewards will also be given for free in this event. In this event, they are launching a Ring Event which will introduce skins for Lamborghini and McLaren cars. The names and photos of all four Lamborghini cars and two McLaren cars are provided below:

Free Fire X Lamborghini Rewards
  1. Aventador Grigio Nimbus Car Skin
  2. Aventador Booyah Car Skin
  3. Veneno Rosso Efesto Car Skin
  4. Venero Nero Nemesis Car Skin
  5. McLaren – Gold Spark
  6. McLaren – Kyanos

Additionally, an animation named Lamborghini Prift Animation will also be launched in this event.

Mystery Event

Free Fire will be launching an event where a box named Mystery Box will be given. Inside this box, you can get diamonds ranging from 10 to 1000. In this event, a backpack named Top Criminal will also be launched. The photo of the backpack is provided below:

Next Weapon Royale

In the Next Weapon Royale of Free Fire, they will be launching two gun skins, each with unique abilities:

  • M82B – Fiery Rush
    • Damage ++
    • Magazine +
    • Reload speed –
  • Heal Pistol – Fiery Rush
    • Range +
    • Rate of Fire +
    • Movement Speed –

Ring Event

The developers of Free Fire are relaunching an Evo Gun Skin. The name and abilities of this gun skin are as follows:

  • M4A1 – Infernal Draco
    • Damage ++
    • Rate of Fire +
    • Reload speed –

This gun skin is the best in long-range combat in Free Fire, and you can also customize its abilities. Along with this, you’ll receive an emote and several animations. For those players eagerly waiting for this gun skin, your wait will end by the end of this month when this gun skin will be relaunched.

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