Maro Character: Backstory, Ability and In-game Information

We’ve started a series to share information about all the characters. In our previous post, we discussed the story, abilities, and launch date of the D-Bee character. Today, we’ll delve into details about the Maro character. So, read the post till the end.

About Maro Character

Maro Character

This is a passive character whose ability can be applied and is highly effective for long-range combat. When this character was launched, some players were already using its ability, and even now, some players are utilizing it.

Maro Launch Date

Developers of Free Fire introduced the Maro character on April 29, 2021, during the Top Up event with a top-up of 200 diamonds. This launch coincided with the OB27 update. After learning the launch date, let’s explore more about Maro.

Maro Backstory

Maro was born on May 23. He spends very little time with humans and more time with animals. He believes humans are selfish and, therefore, spends more time with animals.

He believes that humans think more than they should, ultimately forgetting the true meaning of life. Thus, he spends more time with animals and wants to show everyone that being close to nature is important, just like him. Maro wears a jacket, pants, and has a falcon perched on his arm.

Maro’s Ability

Maro Ability

If a player uses the Falcon Fervor ability and fights at long range, their damage will increase by 25%. Moreover, if they fire at a marked player, there will be an additional 3.5% damage.

Maro’s in-game Information

BirthdayMay 23
Ability NameFalcon Fervor
Ability TypePassive
HobbyBow Hunting
Currently ObtainableYes
Obtained FromIn-Game Store
Price499 💎 / 10,000🟡


We hope you found the complete information about the Maro character interesting. If you want to know more about the story and launch dates of other characters like this, you can enable notifications on our website. thanks for reading.

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