Xayne: Ability, Backstory, and Launch Insights

Explore the thrilling world of Free Fire as we delve into the dynamic character, Xayne. Discover her abilities, launch details, and captivating backstory in this comprehensive guide series. Unveil the essence of this active character, her unique traits, and the impact of her Xtreme Encounter ability. Join us as we uncover the fascinating details behind Xayne, the extreme athlete, offering insights into her persona, launch history, and in-game prominence

About Xayne Character

free fire Xayne character

When developers launched this character, many players used it. However, with the release of other great characters, the usage of this character has decreased.

Initially, this character had a good ability, but it was reduced after an update. Previously, it provided 120 HP, but now it only gives 60 HP.

Developers launched the Xayne character on April 14, 2021, during the top-up event with a top-up of 200 diamonds. This was during the OB27 update.

Xayne Backstory

free fire Xayne Character wallpaper

Xayne was born on July 5th. Since childhood, she has been interested in extreme activities, keeping limited contact with people and being more inclined towards games. She has an independent nature and if someone says she can’t do something, she shows them otherwise. She is seeking boundaries. Xayne’s attire consists of blue and black colours with yellow designs.

Xayne Character’s Ability

Xayne Character Ability

If a player uses the Xtreme Encounter ability of this character and activates its skill, they immediately receive 60 HP for 12 seconds. If the player wants to use it again, they have to wait for up to 75 seconds.

Xayne In-Game Information

BirthdayApril 21st
Ability NameXtreme Encounter
Ability TypeActive
OccupationExtreme Athlete
Obtained FromIn-Game Store
Price499 💎 / 10,000🟡


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