Sonia, Orion, and Dimitri Character Ability Changes in Free Fire

The developers of Free Fire are planning to make some changes in the abilities of characters Sonia, Orion, and Dimitri. After this change, players using Sonia’s character will be highly disappointed, while those not using her will be much happier. If you use Sonia’s character and want to know about her abilities after the update, read this post until the end. In this post, we will discuss Sonia, Orion, and Dimitri characters new abilities:

Sonia, Orion, and Dimitri Character Ability Changes in Free Fire


Sonia’s character is a passive one. When it was launched, many players were very happy, while some experienced disappointment. Upon observing this, the Free Fire developers considered balancing this character. Let’s learn about Sonia’s current new ability:

free fire sonia character

Sonia character ability triggers when the player’s character is on the brink of being defeated, granting a brief moment of invincibility and immobilization lasting only 0.4 seconds. Following this, a protective shield of 50 Health Points (HP) materializes, safeguarding the character for 3 seconds. If the player successfully knocks down an opponent during this shielded period, they regain health equivalent to the shield’s amount. However, failure to eliminate an enemy within the shield’s duration results in the player’s elimination from the game. This potent ability possesses a substantial cooldown, restricting its reuse for a significant duration of 180 seconds.

AspectOld AbilityNew Ability
Shield HP100 HP50 HP
Shield DurationLasts for 3sLasts for 3s
KnockdownRestore HP equal to shield if enemy knocked downRestore HP equal to shield if enemy knocked down
EliminationEliminated if unable to knock down enemy within shield durationEliminated if unable to knock down enemy within shield duration

The main differences between the old and new abilities lie in their duration and shield strength. The old ability provided a slightly longer duration of invincibility for 0.5 seconds along with a more robust shield of 100 Health Points (HP), while the new ability shortened the invulnerability time to 0.4 seconds and offered a weaker shield of only 50 HP. Both abilities carried the same consequence: failure to eliminate an enemy within the shield duration resulted in the player’s elimination, and both had a cooldown period of 180 seconds before they could be used again.


free fire orion character

The new ability of Orion retains the essence of the old ability by replacing EP with 300 Crimson Energy and allowing protection activation. However, the new ability demands a higher energy cost of 200 Crimson Energy for the same duration of protection, along with the restriction of not being able to attack or take damage while absorbing 10 HP from nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Both abilities share a similar cooldown of 3 seconds before they can be activated again.

AspectOld AbilityNew Ability
Energy CostConsumed 150 Crimson Energy for protection activationRequires 200 Crimson Energy for activating protection
Ability EffectProvided invulnerability while absorbing 10 HP from nearby enemies for 3sOffers invincibility while absorbing 10 HP from nearby enemies for 3s
LimitationCouldn’t attack or receive damage during protection activationCannot attack or receive damage while the protection is active
CooldownHad a cooldown of 3 seconds before being used againRetains the same cooldown of 3 seconds for reactivation after use



In Dimitri’s old ability, the healing zone spanned a 3.5-meter radius, providing a steady recovery of 10 HP/s for a duration of 12 seconds. This zone facilitated automatic assistance for reviving fallen teammates when needed, offering a significant advantage during combat. However, the new ability keeps the healing zone within the same radius but significantly reduces its duration to only 6 seconds while maintaining the healing rate at 10 HP/s. It continues to offer the feature of automatic support for helping up teammates in critical situations. Both abilities share an identical cooldown duration of 90 seconds before they can be utilized again.

AspectOld AbilityNew Ability
Healing Zone DurationLasted for 12 seconds within a 3.5m-radius zone, offering 10 HP/s recoveryReduced duration to 6 seconds in the same 3.5m-radius zone, also healing at 10 HP/s
Help UpAutomatically triggered support for reviving teammates when requiredRetained the automatic assistance for helping up fallen teammates
CooldownHad a cooldown of 90 seconds before the ability could be used againMaintains the same cooldown duration of 90 seconds for reactivation


Orion and Dimitri characters will undergo normal changes. However, the change in Sonia’s character will be significant. Hence, some players will be happy, while others might be disappointed. Our opinion is that the upcoming change is a very good one.

If you found this information interesting and want to share your thoughts on the changes in Sonia’s character, feel free to comment. For more such interesting information, you can enable notifications on our website.

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