Galactic Odyssey (Season 12) Booyah Pass, Buy for only 249 Diamonds

Developers have launched a new Booyah Pass (Galactic Odyssey) in Free Fire Max. This Booyah Pass introduces numerous new items. If you want to acquire this Booyah Pass for only 249 diamonds, read this post till the end.

In Free Fire Max, developers introduce a new Booyah Pass every month. However, there’s a requirement of 499 diamonds to upgrade it. But in this post, we will share a trick that will help you obtain this Booyah Pass for 249 diamonds.

Galactic Odyssey Booyah Pass Rewards

Galactic Odyssey (Season 12) Booyah Pass Rewards
1Pet Box (All pets available for selection)
10Interstellar Watcher Bundle
Interstellar Victor parachute (Free)
20Galactic Odyssey Banner
30Interstellar Skyboard
40Interstellar Rider (Motorcycle skin)
50Interstellar Messenger Bundle (Grand Prize)
Interstellar Hoodie (Free)
60Galactic Odyssey Avatar
70Interstellar Remains Loot Box
80Interstellar Explosion (Grenade)
904 BP Tokens & 100 Gold Coins
100UMP – Interstellar Impulse (Gun skin)
Abilities: Accuracy ++, Magazine +, Movement Speed –
130Interstellar Icicle Dagger (Knife skin)
140Interstellar Traveller Backpack
150Interstellar Guardian (Gloo Wall)

How to get the Booyah Pass for 249 diamonds?

Free Fire developers have provided a special offer this month. With a 50% discount on the Premium Booyah Pass, it requires 249 diamonds for an upgrade. Moreover, there’s an 83% discount on the Premium Plus Booyah Pass, requiring 499 diamonds for an upgrade.

Galactic Odyssey (Season 12) Booyah Pass 50% Off

We hope you found this information about the Booyah Pass enjoyable. If you intend to purchase this Booyah Pass, drop a comment, and if you wish to read such information, you can enable notifications on our website. thanks for reading.

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