Who Is The King Of Free Fire In India?

Ajjubhai, also known as Ajay, is widely recognized as the King of Free Fire in India. Being the King of Free Fire entails not only excelling in the game but also entertaining people in a family-friendly manner. Let’s delve into why Ajjubhai holds this title and learn more about him.

the king of free fire in india

Firstly, let’s understand what Free Fire is. Free Fire is a battle royale game where 50 players are dropped onto a map via airplanes and engage in combat. The objective is to survive and eliminate opponents until only one player or team remains victorious. Now, let’s acquaint ourselves with Ajjubhai.

Who is Ajjubhai?

Ajjubhai, whose real name is Ajay, is a Free Fire player who entertains his audience through his gameplay. He predominantly plays on a PC platform. Known for his captivating gameplay and ability to keep viewers entertained, Ajjubhai has gained immense popularity across India through his YouTube channel, making him the most subscribed YouTuber in India’s gaming community.

Ajjubhai’s YouTube channel, named Total Gaming, has established him as India’s top gaming YouTuber. Remarkably, Ajjubhai has secured the fifth position among global gaming YouTube channels solely based on his voice, and he holds the number one position in India.

Personal details about Ajjubhai remain undisclosed. He has not revealed his personal information on his channel, including his age. However, during a live stream, he mentioned his age to be between 24 and 25.

With his distinct voice and family-friendly content, Ajjubhai has amassed over 35.4 million subscribers on YouTube. While he primarily uploads Free Fire videos, he occasionally shares content related to Minecraft, BGMI, and other games.

Ajjubhai initiated his YouTube journey in 2018 and achieved remarkable success in just three years. It is worth noting that he has released only one Q&A video thus far. This accomplishment showcases the difficulty of attaining such a prominent position solely based on one’s voice without revealing one’s face or providing extensive personal information.

These factors contribute to Ajjubhai’s reputation as the King of Free Fire in India.

One key reason behind Ajjubhai’s title is his ability to create videos that entertain viewers without using profanity. He maintains a family-friendly approach, making his content appealing to a wide audience. While Ajjubhai occasionally utilizes double-meaning words, their impact remains minimal.

To earn the title of the King of Free Fire, one must not only exhibit exceptional gameplay skills but also entertain the audience in a family-friendly manner. Ajjubhai excels in both aspects. He is particularly skilled in using double snipers, earning him the distinction of being the king of double sniper gameplay. Ajjubhai exhibits remarkable proficiency in handling all Free Fire guns and consistently achieves accurate and precise headshots.

Ajjubhai’s expertise in headshots, movement, and accuracy solidifies his status as the King of Free Fire.

Who is Ajjubhai?

Ajjubhai, whose real name is Ajay, is a renowned Free Fire player and content creator from India. He has gained widespread popularity through his YouTube channel, Total Gaming, and is currently the most subscribed gaming YouTuber in India.

How did Ajjubhai become the King of Free Fire in India?

Ajjubhai’s ascent to the throne of Free Fire in India can be attributed to his exceptional gameplay skills, his ability to entertain viewers, and his commitment to maintaining family-friendly content. He has garnered a massive following by combining skillful gameplay with his engaging personality.

How popular is Ajjubhai on YouTube?

Ajjubhai’s YouTube channel, Total Gaming, has amassed an impressive following of over 35.4 million subscribers. This remarkable achievement has solidified his position as India’s top gaming YouTuber and catapulted him to global recognition.


It is important to note that, apart from Ajjubhai, numerous Free Fire gamers perform exceptionally well. This article is written from the perspective of an Ajjubhai fan, and the title of the King of Free Fire may differ for each individual. The purpose of this article is solely to provide information, so it should not be taken too seriously.

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